Really thick floor mats

Really thick floor mats

While awaiting our Model S delivery, we shopped floor mats from several sources. Tesla's optional mats looked good but Supreme Commander here had decreed, "don't get black again, they show all the dirt!"

After finding that most premium priced mats are made from about 40 oz. material, we discovered Coverking offers mats made from 70 oz. material. Ordered free samples, along with their 40 oz. option. Nearly twice as thick, yet very comparable pricing to everyone else's thinner mats. Significant discounts available if ordered through Costco, Amazon, etc. rather than directly from the Coverking site. Available in black, and "Oak" which works well with the tan leather option.

Fit is perfect. Heavy enough that they can't move around. Really absorb road and tire noise. Every passenger and gawker has noticed, and made very favorable comments.

kingkoti | 16 maart 2013

Anyone happen to know how these compare to lloyds Ultimat or Luxe ? | 16 maart 2013

Lux are 48 oz, and Ultimate are 32 oz. I got the Ultimat mats and I'm very satisfied. Tesla's optional mats are 40 oz. Updated the mats page to include Coverking, links and various density info:

georgefmoses | 16 maart 2013

I noticed that the cost was 30% less on Costco for the 40 oz (only one they offer) but I wasn't given the option to include the Tesla logo.
Did you have the logo imprinted on yours? If so, how and through whom did you order it?

mcx-sea | 16 maart 2013


The 70 oz. mats are available through I had some confusiion with them, so ended up using CarCovers4Less. Great prices, 10% discount, free shipping and no sales tax.

Wonder how logo imprints would work on such thick, plush material?

Hope this helps..........

Robert22 | 16 maart 2013

Now if they only made their clear protector for the frunk and trunk...

kingkoti | 21 maart 2013


Could you post a pic of the mats in the car, that'll help me decide. Every where I search I only see reviews and pictures of lloyds (ultimats or luxe).

mcx-sea | 21 maart 2013


Got a picture of the rear mat before the camera battery died. Friend that borrowed our charger promises to return it tonight, so can shoot front mats tomorrow.

BTW, be sure to get free samples of both the Coverking 40 and 70 oz. Their 40 is about the same as Lloyd's and most others. Their 70 is actually thicker than my finger! The ladies here agree their Oak works just fine with the tan leather in the S.

teslacarmats | 21 maart 2013

Tesla Car Mats has really great options when it comes to colors, density, and logos. We can customize your carpets to fit the color of your car and inset any logo into the design. We even make a center counsel mat. All of our carpets are custom made, but very affordable. Email Kylie at for more information and photos.

Take a look:

Brian H | 21 maart 2013

Please label your post --ADVERTISEMENT-- unless you want to be flagged as spam.

And it's "console", not "counsel".

jeroens | 22 maart 2013

and please add a link to an image that works, not a funky email attachment on gmail we can not get to...

mcx-sea | 22 maart 2013


Have yet to try to post a link or an image to this forum. No website here. Have always sent JPEG images as email attachments. Suggestions?

jeroens | 22 maart 2013

use: to put your image online

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jeroens | 22 maart 2013
Brian H | 22 maart 2013

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jeroens | 22 maart 2013

that is what I said Brian :)

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Brian H | 22 maart 2013

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jeroens | 23 maart 2013

mcx-sea's Images:

jeroens | 24 maart 2013

@mcx-sea, These are the coverings right?

@teslacarmats, same as mcx-sea?

dr.jacks.tesla | 24 maart 2013

Not my taste, too in your face

mcx-sea | 24 maart 2013

Sorry, my cheap camera did not really show the color or the quality of these mats.

Just order the free samples from Coverking, both the 40 and 70 oz. and see the difference for yourself.

We have found that the fine bits of tracked in vegetation that are so obvious on the black virtually disappear on the Oak color. And they shake out much easier then the 40 oz. mats, which required almost daily vacuuming.

EclecticCitizen | 22 april 2013

I ordered the sample swatches from Coverking in both 40oz & 70oz and both beige and oak. Beige was a better match for the tan interior than the oak carpet sample, which had too much of a yellow hue.

the 70 oz swatch seemed too long, almost like shag carpet, but I think in a finished mat it would be ok. When placed side by side with the 40 oz sample in the same color, it was not an exact match and didn't match the tan leather as well to my eye. For those reasons I went with 40 oz beige for front & back mats. This pictures above of the oak mats look better matched than the swatch I was sent.

Unfortunately Coverking's measurements are off. The mats do not exactly fit the Model S floor, especially the back mat. You'd think since they were starting from scratch they could get it exactly right, but the rear mat lips up on the back of the center console/stack, and does a poor job of fitting around the tracks for the front seats. It's not overly noticeable so I'll keep them, but pretty lame they would put them into production without making sure they actually fit the car exactly.

kingkoti | 22 april 2013

@ EclecticCitizen

same thoughts, ordered 40Oz and 70Oz samples, as you mentioned the 70oz sample looked like shag carpet but too late, I jumped the gun and ordered mats before sample came. But the mat thickness was okay not as bad as I thought they'e be.

Yes, you are right about the fit, they are not a good cut, rear mat is a tad bit wider and front corners are too rounded and and after a month the corners started rising instead of laying flat. a bit disappointed but kept them, they were about to charge 20% restocking fee even if I were to cancel the very next day after I placed the order.

Bonlaw | 14 september 2013

Just received these mats for my white/tan S. Love them.
First attempt to upload pics.

Bonlaw | 14 september 2013

Oh shoot too much info. How do I delete?

Dramsey | 14 september 2013

You don't delete.

But the mats look cool. Where did you get them?

Bonlaw | 15 september 2013

Quick delivery and look even better in person.

Please let me know if you are able to see my daughter and BF on Picassa so that I can block the photos. My bad.

Hross2450 | 15 september 2013

Just ordered my mats from

As we speak, they are testing their embroidery machine to see if they can do mats for the Frunk.

SarahsDad | 15 september 2013


Just the 5 Tesla photo's - nothing else accessible. Mats look great - how is the fit compared to the originals? I'm very tempted to get these.

Bonlaw | 15 september 2013


Fit is perfect. Although I did not get the backseat mats the tesla car outline embroidery looks quite cool. Go for it!

Thanks for the info re: Picassa pics.

Renegade | 15 september 2013

How do you order... I don't see where they have these mats for sale on the site.

Bonlaw | 15 september 2013

He is very responsive.

Brian H | 16 september 2013
SarahsDad | 14 oktober 2013

@Bonlaw - thanks for the suggestion - mine came today! I think they look great with the red seat piping. Also they seem to have perfected the Frunk design.

Bonlaw | 14 oktober 2013

Very nice! Enjoy- @Sarahsdad

2050project | 15 oktober 2013

Good news... new luxe 70 oz mats being offered for Model S (along with a lot of other new products):

And, mats for Roadster too here: