Recargo for Model S

Recargo for Model S

Just thought I'd pass this along...
Recargo For Model S Drivers

Dear Recargo Member and Tesla Model S Driver,

We wanted to share an exciting piece of service news - A new version of Recargo tailored to the Model S's unique touch screen has launched:

• Touch Friendly UI designed to take advantage of the Model S's browser
• Optimized Charge Site information with realtime charger information, photos, and detailed information and check ins other drivers like you
• Favorites list synchronized with the Recargo Mobile Apps
• Search filters that match the Model S's charging adapters

We're looking forward to continuing to evolve this new and would love your feedback and suggestions. Email us at anytime.

Happy Charging,

The Recargo Team

Brian H | 14 februari 2013

Yow! Somebody is on the ball.

sthornton | 14 februari 2013

I played with it on my computer (don't have my S for a few weeks) and it looks good! More info than on my iPhone.

Brian H | 14 februari 2013

Checkmate???!!?? Loser. Don't critique or use colloquial English. You're nowhere near qualified.

olanmills | 14 februari 2013

LOL, you are right Brian, but that was a bit harsh.

Anyways, this is cool. I'm going to add it to the my Favorites in the car. I just signed up and added some details for a couple places I know. I think I'll add a couple photos too.

Mark Z | 14 februari 2013

The Recargo web site looks great on the Tesla Model S touchscreen. Just enter the zip code or location to display the chargers in that area. The SuperCharger page requires no location data for all stations to appear. Be sure to create an account and "Check In" to share the status of a public charge station with other drivers.

fshebley | 15 september 2013

On our way from Portland to Monterey in our MS. Wondering if anyone knows good places to charge between Woodburn, OR, and Folsom, CA, where Tesla has Superchargers?