recharging by replacing

recharging by replacing


I am just an enthusiast, I read that Tesla takes around 1.6 hrs to recharge. It just occurred to me that instead of recharging stations you might as well have battery replacing stations , something like a pit stop , where the battery is already charged and can be latched on to the car quicker than charging, I guess right now the battery pack is integrated with the car and may need changing the design to accommodate this feature may be in next model or future. Tesla can have a track of the life and quality of all the batteries each time it comes back to replacing station (not that this is the only way to do it), something like having leased the battery or so.. just a thought.. thats all...

Desai | 5 januari 2013

@Anand3D: This was something Tesla was thinking about doing. here is a great article that talks about the two methods:

Brian H | 5 januari 2013

In the end, moving electrons rather than big, heavy containers of them is too much easier and cheaper. The inventory and handling costs of maintaining a stock of charged batteries is just too costly. Better Place is finding it unworkable even in its two tiny test markets, Israel and Denmark. The US would be unthinkable.