Recharging at an RV park.

Recharging at an RV park.

RV parks are much more plentiful than charging stations and most of them have 240v 50A power available with a NEMA 15-50 outlet. These should be a convenient place to recharge for those of us far from public charging stations who might need to (partially) recharge on the road. Does anyone have any experience with this? What would you expect an RV park to charge per hour to use their 240v outlets? I just called an RV park about 170 miles from my house, along a route that I frequently take for a 250 mile trip. I was the first electric car owner to inquire about charging - he was receptive to this, but did not know what he would charge. I expect he will think about it and come up with a fee, but what do you think is fair? Maybe $3-4 per hour, with a maximum of $15? They charge $25 per night for full use of the space for RVs.

jat | 13 februari 2013

Many many threads on it, and the people who made cross-country trips in their Model S heavily relied on charging at RV parks.

docdac | 13 februari 2013

BTW, I meant NEMA 14-50.

Mark Z | 13 februari 2013

KOA at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV charges $20 plus tax for a 24 hour storage fee. Worked great overnight while staying at the Circus Circus hotel. You CANNOT sleep in the car, however code access to the clean secure KOA bathroom and shower facilities was included.

awaite | 13 februari 2013

Now I'm picturing a person sleeping in a Tesla at a KOA campground. :D

I would think they would go for $3-4/hour but I would expect to be able to buy 100 miles of range for $5 or less which would be more like $2/hour right?

Earl and Nagin ... | 13 februari 2013

My stock line when they can't figure out how much to charge is to tell them I'll probably use about $5 worth of electricity and ask them if $10 would be reasonable.
About half the time they take it, 25% of the time, they tell me its free, 20% of the time they charge me full price for a space, and 5% of them tell me I can't charge.
One cautionary note about using RV parks: Often the circuit breakers are old and weak. They may trip on you. Keep checking regularly or you may return to your car to find it tripped 5 minutes after you left it and you have to start charging from the beginning. The smartphone app should help with this. We old-timers used to have to physically return to our Roadsters periodically to check.

Brian H | 13 februari 2013

Check out this KOA user! Sucks 2 14-50s at once with his homemade 'Multi-Input' rig.

Of course, he is a "gonzo EE". ;)