To reporters - from an owner

To reporters - from an owner

Dear Reporter

It is totally legitimate for you to gather information in this forum when writing your article about the Model S or Tesla. Unfortunately some of your colleagues have used this resource in an unprofessional way, sifting through the posts to find what supported their bias. So, when using our conversations as a source, please remember what you learned in journalism school:

1. Mention the good with the bad! Note that under most circumstances, mostly complaints motivate someone to jump on a forum and post. Here, you find as many or more positive posts as negative ones. That alone is an unusual phenomenon that should not escape a reporter's attention - and should not be left out of a balanced article.

2. Do your Due Diligence by visiting forums related to other manufacturers and draw comparative conclusions. No car maker has a production line that churns out 100% of its cars perfect. And whenever a new car owner finds something unexpected, they're bound to look for answers in a forum. This is presumably more prevalent with Tesla considering its target audience. So when someone finds something wrong, it is, in itself, not newsworthy. What is, is how *little* is found wrong with a brand new first generation car with such advanced technology.

3. Note that one complaint with hundreds of responses does not equal hundreds of complaints. It equals a vocal, helpful community identifying what might be an issue or what might just be user error. And please also mention that when something is identified as an issue, it is usually addressed by Tesla immediately.

4. Make the effort of actually driving the car. If you can't find one near by, post here. I'm sure one of the owners will be happy to meet with you and let you have a closer look.

As Mr. Broder has learned, Tesla is not an easy target for careless reporting. Elon fights like a bull, and those of us, who have bought a Model S, have his back.

Captain_Zap | 26 maart 2013

Have you followed Tesla Motors Club forums regarding this issue?
If not, you should take a look.

biggator | 26 maart 2013

I couldn't find the thread, Zap.. link?

torst1 | 26 maart 2013

+1 OP
But what was learned from the whole terrible Broder story was that extensive logging is a must when it comes to journalists. I would say if a journalist ask yo for a test drive - just say no.

Let them journalists go via official channels for a test drive. Nobody needs another Broder.

Filipe Portugal | 27 maart 2013

Nice saying

GeekEV | 27 maart 2013

+1 OP

Captain_Zap | 27 maart 2013
Captain_Zap | 27 maart 2013

Another try on the first link:

Captain_Zap | 27 maart 2013

Hmm... you can copy it.

Brian H | 27 maart 2013

TMC has been considerably exercised about David Nolan's articles, quoting other posters. Now that he's a recipient of his 60kWh car, he's pretty much entitled to write what he wants about his own experiences. Reading through some of his more recent writings, I came across this observation:

Tesla has stubbornly stonewalled my questions about cold-weather range loss for almost a year now.
But based on my winter numbers so far, the Model S appears to lose no more than 10 to 20 percent--dramatically better than the Volt, which in my experience loses up to 50 percent of its range in winter. (As does the Nissan Leaf, according to owner reports.)
I find this to be one of the most intriguing technical mysteries of the electric car world: How does Tesla manage to kick every other company's butt when it comes to cold-weather efficiency?

It's noteworthy that that corresponds almost exactly to what Elon has claimed.