Roadster charger adapter and single charger?

Roadster charger adapter and single charger?

I went with a fairly entry level Model S. 60kWh, Tech Package, nothing else. No dual chargers, no SuperCharger. The reason is simple. 90+% of my driving happens in a 30 mile radius around my house.

But on the occasional odd trip it's nice to know what the options are. SuperChargers are out (not worth the $2k to me). So the best bet should be 40A J1772 or 14-50 stations. They should give me about 25-30 miles per hour. But what about Roadster charging stations with 70A @ 208V. Can I use those (assuming I borrow an adapter - one of the stations on a typical road trip route for me even has an adapter right there with a small 'buy in' to use it)? Will the Model S simply limit this to 40A (which would mean it's slower than a 240V/40A 14-50)? Or will it charge at 46A (240V/40A gives the same amount of power as 208V/46A)? Or will it simply not work without a dual charger?

I'm taking delivery on Friday and am planning the first of those extremely rare road trips for later this month... and while I should be fine (only 160 miles and ability to charge at the destination), I still wonder what the options might be... why be prepared if you can be over-prepared?

July10Models | 9 juli 2013

The onboard single charger limits 208/220/240 volt charging to 40 amps max. IMHO, you should have gotten supercharging for the occasional and rare road trip. Can you activate this feature after the fact?

July10Models | 9 juli 2013

I was thinking the same thing before taking delivery of my Model S. Now I find a reason to hit the road and the Land Rover stays park every single time.

Brian H | 9 juli 2013

A second charger can be added after purchase, but it costs more than double that way.

bfranks273 | 9 juli 2013

Well your charger is 10kw, so thats the limit. watts = volts x amps. My Roadster charger is wired for 240v so I get 240, I am very sure it will work but not sure what amps you will get from the 208, would love to know. But do you / they have the $650 orange adapter cable? I also suggest not sweat the second charger but if you are going to like driving, go for the SC fee.

dirkhh | 9 juli 2013

Thanks for the answers.
@bfranks273: I'll ask which adapter they have; I assumed it was the Tesla one.

And yes, I was thinking that "worst case" I can always enable SC later for an extra $2500 (so I would have wasted $500 compared to doing it when I ordered). That's far less than the $3600 vs. $1500 for the second charger...

PatT | 9 juli 2013

When you use a circuit that is fed by 208v, usually you get whatever amperage the device is designed to deliver. If it is a 30 amp J1772 device you should get 30 amps. If you plug into a NEMA 14-50 that is fed by 208v, the car will pull 40 amps from that circuit. The problem is that the power is reduced by about 13% (208/240) and your "fill up" will take that much longer.