Roadster not charging

Roadster not charging

Hi guys,

Has anyone had an issue where your roadster will not charge? I plugged it in and it started to charge, and i went out of town for a couple of days and peeked in at the charge and the battery was a little more than half charged. The screen said plug the cable in, and i unplugged it and re plugged it and it still said the message. The color wont change to blue either to warm up the battery its like its not picking up the cable. Any suggestions?

DZCPA | 31 januari 2015

Is it in Storage mode?

alejo2k10 | 31 januari 2015

No its set to a normal charge, and it was within the charge time as well

Brian H | 1 februari 2015

There are Service Centers for a reason.

alejo2k10 | 2 februari 2015

Thanks Brian I do realize this as I had just got it back from a service center on Friday afternoon, but again thank you for the helpful insight

cliffmccormick | 3 februari 2015

A winning rebuttal.


Brian H | 3 februari 2015

So, what did the SC say?

alejo2k10 | 4 februari 2015

Well that's the funny i had just had it back from the service center as they were looking over the car. They used the 240 charger i had in the trunk. When i got home i charged it on the 110v in the garage, and it wouldn't take a charge. Then i noticed the amp was set to 80 so i turned it down to 12amps and it started to charge. A day or 2 later i noticed the battery was at 150 miles and almost full, but it said "connect charger". I have spoken to the service center and they said it may be the wall charger. I just don't understand as i have never had an issue with the wall charger up until i got the car back from them. I'm driving it today so if it doesn't take a charge again i will have to call the service center again.

vipdoc | 5 februari 2015

I had the same thing happen but mine did not come back from the service center. It wouldn't charge with the 110v but then connected it to the 240v and it worked. I have not attempted to charge with the 110 again.
I am pretty sure you did this but before you plugged back in after you unplugged did you close the charge port door? Need to close the door to reset the charge port.

alejo2k10 | 6 februari 2015

I actually figured out what the problem was the GCFI on the connector went bad. I picked up a Leviton GCFI and replaced it out which took about 20 minutes and 19 bux, and the Roadster is back to normal. Great fix since the connector is sold out, and not to mention $400 plus.

Earl and Nagin ... | 9 februari 2015

The GFCI on the 120v wall cable for the Roadster often clashes with GFCI outlets. Ours "fell off" when I was trying to charge at a hotel in Las Vegas about 4 years ago and a regular 120v 3-prong plug jumped onto the end instead. We haven't had any trouble ever since.

Brian H | 15 februari 2015

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Brian H | 24 maart 2015

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stonelinton | 3 mei 2018

Old thread.

alejo2k10, can you give a little more info on how your replaced the GFCI. My 240 Mobile Charger cable won't charge but the 110v works, I'm assuming the single blinking green on the GFCI and no charge indicate a cable failure/GFCI failure.