Run Flat Tires

Run Flat Tires

I commute at night, when there's less traffic in Southern California. The stretch of hwy 101 I cover always seems to be under construction with lots of road hazards. To avoid getting stranded, I mounted run flats on my S's 19" wheels. The new generation of run flats are much better; not loud or harsh. I replaced the Goodyear Eagles with Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT 245/45RF-19. (Filled w/ nitrogen) They are very close in spec to the Goodyears. Same 1,653 lb load rating. A little better grip, AAA vs. AA. And a little faster speed rating V vs. W. They are 1/2" wider and a bit heavier (6 lbs/ea). So far I'm really liking them, and the V tread pattern looks kind of cool. I also carry the Tesla air pump w/ tire slime. At o-dark hundred, if I get a flat, I'm hoping to limp to my destination rather than be flatbeded to a closed tire shop or service center. At least that's my plan. I'm not sure why Elon & Co decided not to go with run flats on a car with no spare, but if I had to guess, it was because they didn't want the extra weight (24 lbs in total) and slightly diminished range. I don't think ride or handling were the issues. Having driven an 85 mile range Nissan Leaf for the last 21 months, the Tesla with 250 miles, has made my range anxiety suddenly nowhere to be found.

aa012a | 2 januari 2013

I'm curious. Have you documented how much "range loss" you experienced after the new tires were installed?

Velo1 | 2 januari 2013

Are these all-season tires? What happened to the tires from TM, Stored in the garage?

david | 2 januari 2013

I don't know what range penalty I'm paying for using run flats on S. I've read it can be as much as 10% but I don't really know. That could have been about old-school run flats, and I do think they've made great improvements recently. My Leaf had low rolling resistance tires which I ran over inflated for max range. And yes, the TM tires are in storage. If you're in So Cal and need four Goodyear Eagles with less then 800 miles on them, contact me.

solarpowered | 2 januari 2013

Thanks for your report. I am curious about how run flats would work on non run flat wheels. I was under the impression that run flat wheels had some kind of nylon disc in the center of the wheel so the tire bead wouldn't be crushed against the rim. If you do find out more, please share with us.

aa012a | 2 januari 2013

Also, what would happen with the TPMS sensor, would it get ruined?

cb9 | 30 maart 2013

David, did you notice any increase in road noise? Just got my first flat (day 11 of owning the car) and am seriously considering run-flats. And is the ride less smooth? I heard that stiffness of the tires could make up for the increased weight so impact on range might be a wash - just curious what you or any one else has found.

inverts | 30 maart 2013

I'm amused by the nitrogen filled sales pitch for runflats, heard that also mentioned by my wife's mini dealer. Regular air is 78% nitrogen. So what's the deal with 22% more nitrogen? If the idea is inert gas, then N2 is not that great anyway, rather go with a higher atomic number nobel gas such as Argon, which is used in welding, so easily obtainable, and can be more easily contained than helium.

I just got the tire goo and pump kit, keeps my mind at peace.

Brian H | 30 maart 2013