800 Km on a new Signature. Black on Black , sun roof , 21" grey wheels. All the options plus mounted 19" snow tire.
Vancouver BC Canada. $130,000.00 OBO

jeroens | 12 februari 2013

The question probably in everyones mind (definitely in mine:) - why are you selling...
Not happy with the car?

sandman | 12 februari 2013

What vin#?

Brian H | 12 februari 2013

1 snow tire?

RZitrin1 | 13 februari 2013

Why are you selling?

prash.saka | 13 februari 2013

May be, someone forged his signature.

Favguy | 13 februari 2013

Probably bought it as an investment to make a quick $30K. With a waiting list of a year or so and only ever 1000 signature models, it only surprises me we don't see more of this :)

NOPetrol | 13 februari 2013

30% flip fee , Good luck with that....

Carmine | 13 februari 2013

This guy has been trying to sell his MS Sig for 130K on EBay since the day he got it. Just trying to turn a quick profit.

RZitrin1 | 13 februari 2013

Better off to have bought the stock back in the day.

Masonator0 | 13 februari 2013

are all Signature S sedans performance?

sagebrushnw | 13 februari 2013

@ MasonatorO

No. Some are performance and some are not...all 85kWh.

cablechewer | 13 februari 2013

@NoPetrol that isn't a 30% flip fee in Canada. I was originally going to get the Signature with the panoramic roof in Ontario. It was going to be just over $120,000 and I think I still needed to add the Delivery fee. That includes 6.1% import duty (because the Model S does not have sufficient North American content to qualify for duty free import to Canada) and 13% Harmonized Sales Tax.

Sales taxes in B.C. look like they total 12% so that would save a purchaser there a little over $1000 dollars. Add to that the fact that he has the 19" wheels with snow tires and "all the options" (rear facing child seats, can't remember what else was optional on the Sig right now) I would expect the cost of this car in B.C. to be in the $122k-$126k range. They do not mention this being the Performance version (with taxes the Performance version would be almost $12k more with taxes). If this is the Sig Perf then selling for $130k is a loss unless B.C. has good EV incentives the purchaser can keep (in Ontario you have to give back the $8500 incentive if you don't retain the car and its Ontario registration for 1 full year).

Bottom line: No 30% profit here. Don't assume the US price is the whole story.

ElectricAvenue | 14 februari 2013

"Sales taxes in B.C. look like they total 12% so that would save a purchaser there a little over $1000 dollars."

Not. There's sales tax on used cars.