SC station BLUES

SC station BLUES

Visited my first SC station today in Buellton California. I was very excited to make my first visit.
There are 8 stations and when I pulled in there was only one other MS. I pulled in three stalls away from the other driver to give him his space.

Another MS with an elderly couple pulled in and parked right next to me. We decided to walk over and have pea soup at the world famous Anderson Pea soup. As we were walking away I saw the passenger get out and open the back door and start rifling through her belongings in the back seat.

What is worse than swirls from a machine car wash, DINGS ON YOUR CAR!

Upon returning to my car, I had two brand new dings in my back door! I guess when the women couldn't find what she was looking for on her side, she came over to my side and let the door swing nice and wide.

So now the question is, stay in your car while charging to defend against folks with little regard, or take your chances.

I wish folks had more regard for other peoples property. I realize that this could happen anywhere, but as a Tesla owners I was hoping that it wouldn't happen while charging my car at a Tesla station.

J.T. | 9 mei 2014

@NO2PTRL That is a very discouraging story and I'm sorry it happened to you. It's like a breach of trust because you would think that at a Supercharger you were in a safe place. Just goes to show that even inconsiderate jerks can own a Tesla.

NO2PTRL | 9 mei 2014

LOL, so true:(

NO2PTRL | 9 mei 2014

BTW, other than the dings, which can be fixed, my first experience was very successful indeed.

This was a test run before taking on a longer trip to Vegas.
I got about 75% of shown range, going 64 to 70 MPH. Returning I pushed my speed up into the mid to high 70's and dropped to around 72%.

So out of a 301 mile charge I can expect to get around 212 miles.

My range anxiety is now gone.