Slacker seems to be back...YEA!

Slacker seems to be back...YEA!

I have been giving Slacker songs and artists this weekend and it seems to be getting 95% of them correct...This is wonderful news as I really like this feature.

Anyone else noticing that Slacker is back working properly?

cgiGuy | 5 mei 2013

Having pretty good luck with it as of today, as well. Good response Tesla and Slacker! Now, how do we keep this going after the trial is up? Through the connectivity package yet to be announced?

jeroens | 5 mei 2013

Elon tweeted earlier that there was a bug on the slacker side they (slacker) would be fixing yesterday. Seems that has worked...

rterry | 5 mei 2013

So I assume you have to have Slacker Premium to request an exact song or request an entire exact album...So I went to the internet today on my MS and purchased Slacker Premium. It says I need to download a newer version of Adobe Flash player. Should I do this? Is it okay? To play Slacker Premium will I now have to play it through a new internet account only and not from the Slacker account installed in my MS? Sorry for all the dumb questions but I am an older guy who is new at this...

DouglasR | 5 mei 2013

No, you do not need to get a special Slacker account to have it play a specific song. Use the account that came with the car. It will not play a whole album, however. And if you do get a special account, the MS will not give you all of the features you would get on the PC. The MS cannot run Flash.

TikiMan | 5 mei 2013

Tried it last night, and it was still shooting blanks.

cgiGuy | 6 mei 2013

On the drive in this morning I requested no less than 8 specific songs and every one was spot on.

Maybe try clearing out your account info and rebooting?

rterry | 6 mei 2013

Thank you DouglasR! Looks like I will be cancelling my Slacker Premium account!

christurbeville | 6 mei 2013

@rterry me too. I upgraded as I assumed my tesla account had run out of a trial period. I'll clear and reboot and see if the login is back.

christurbeville | 13 mei 2013

Well its not back for my premium account and I can't get my tesla account back. I logged out cleared the login and then rebooted and it just stayed blank. Anyone know how to recover it?

Awabdo | 13 mei 2013

I have the same problem. I actually wrote down the tesla account email, but dont have the password. Anyone know the password. Note, I had been running on my personal basic slacker account, but now says its not available on MS for basic.

Jgrogan | 13 mei 2013

Not working for me either. Bummer It is so cool when it works particularly for demo rides.

Awabdo | 13 mei 2013

I spoke with Owner Services regarding Slacker. Two items to fix, before rebopoting the system by pressin the Tesla "T", you need to log-out of Slacker and clear the email and password fields, then touch the "T". Secondarily, the OS rep emailed me my Slacker tesla email and password for future reference.

christurbeville | 13 mei 2013

Oh I was rebooting by pressing the scroll wheels. I'll try the T-boot:)

christurbeville | 15 mei 2013

Got it with the scroller reboot. However my tesla account refuses to play requested songs. My premium was hit or miss. For me this is still broken. I really miss the ask for it and it plays. Wonder if Elon's account is kept working for some reason;)

elguapo | 15 mei 2013

Mine is hit or miss, which is really frustrating for listening and embarrassing for showing the car. It often pulls up the right song and artist, but when I select the song, a different one by the same artist comes on. Annoying. | 15 mei 2013

It was back....and now it's gone again.

Brian H | 15 mei 2013

New Google service announced today. "PLAY", 9.99/mo. Any/all music.

Robert22 | 15 mei 2013

Slacker has never regained its prior functionality in my car since its "outage" several weeks ago. Interestingly, I had a loaner last weekend that proved to be much "smarter" than my car, nailing every song on the first try for two days plus repeats. After returning to my car i tried the same song and was disappointed to find that I couldn't pull it up despite a dozen tries. Slacker customer service has not returned emails. Perhaps this is transition phase.

Brian H | 16 mei 2013

Logic still tells me that if one MS can access Slacker and another can't, it's a Tesla issue.

christurbeville | 16 mei 2013

I suspect its an account issue. I think slacker ages out the premium access after you've had it for a while. That's why my premium account DOES do band channels properly and the tesla account doesn't. But neither work all the time like it did when I first got it. I suspect they have a weighting on our accounts and depref you after so many skips and requests. Netflix got exposed for this trick many moons ago.

elguapo | 16 mei 2013

@christurbeville I agree they probably make it less accurate/dumb it down if you skip or depref too much. My big issue seems to be repeats. Accuracy on a first time request is very good. However, if I ask for the same song a second or third time, it never gives me the song, but just creates a station for the band. Definitely not what Elon's car does (or did).

christurbeville | 16 mei 2013

Right you have to remember they have a very real cost for this direct access in the licenses and it decreases their margin. I would bet if a brand new model S account was put into an old model S it'd be just like Elon's:)

christurbeville | 17 mei 2013

One more observation. When the account worked like we like if you listened to the "channel" it creates from the song and parked the car when you came back if you let the song finish it would always play the original song the channel is named after. Now its almost impossible to skip enough to get to the song you searched for and it never plays.

JZ13 | 17 mei 2013

My Slacker wasn't working after it came back on line so I did a screen reboot and that solved the problem. Mine works perfect again.

Brian H | 17 mei 2013

Though Slacker seems to be getting slacker, some are willing to cut it some slack. Others, not so much.

DouglasR | 17 mei 2013

We've been kind of hard on the shorts, so I decided to go easy on the slacks.

Brian H | 17 mei 2013

Just don't pant with anticipation.

christurbeville | 6 juni 2013

I can report 4.5 seems to have fixed my slacker. It is back to nearly %100 of the songs requested and specifically ones it would NEVER play before. Also the old listen to one song after starting the car and then it plays the song the station is named after. Glad its back just not completely certain it was 4.5 or something they did with my account.

DouglasR | 7 juni 2013

I tried it briefly tonight, and it was two for two. I will have to give it a more thorough test tomorrow. I have 4.4 (4.5 to be installed tonight), so I don't think that the new software fixed it. Probably Slacker itself.

DouglasR | 8 juni 2013

Tested it this morning. For me, Slacker seems to be working properly again.

Robert22 | 8 juni 2013

Yes, it was actually rebooting that did the trick for those with on-demand issues even before 4.5 was released.
I followed up with Slacker and Tesla on this issue. This is what I received from Ownership:

"Premium accounts have a few other features of functionality in the Model S that are not available in Plus. These features include, better on-demand search, playlists, and rewind/forward buttons. The decision to not go with Premium on the Model S was due to several things.

First, the cost of Premium was more than 2X more than Plus. We would have had to pass this cost along to the customer, for features which we did not think the majority of customers would utilize. Had we chosen to offer both, we would have also had to build two version of the Slacker App, one for plus, another for premium which we felt would have created additional confusion in terms of connectivity options.

Given that the app was always built with Plus in mind, unfortunately it cannot accommodate the additional features of a Premium account. "