Slow Heavy Traffic

Slow Heavy Traffic

We always seem to read about the mileage penalty when driving fast, but I'm also curious about the other side of the coin: How much power (fuel) does the MS "burn" in very slow, heavy traffic. I was stuck on the interstate recently, taking over an hour going through a 10 mile construction project. Temperature 90+ so my AC was blasting the entire time. Also, what about common, everyday commuting traffic - the kind common in major metro areas. I'm curious to know what the milage penalties are in such a situations. I'm not a member of the club yet, but hope to be when the supercharge stations get closer to my part of the country (Cincinnati).

negarholger | 9 augustus 2013
ian | 9 augustus 2013

Owners have reported less of a mileage penty with AC than with the heater.

Timo | 10 augustus 2013

You might be interested about this:

It's old now, but fairly accurate. 10mph for a hour should have lost you about 2.5-3kWh out of 85kWh, so not much lost. At zero speed motor doesn't use any power, so you lose only what all ancillary systems take (A/C, lights, on-board computer etc.). Also compared to ICE cars acceleration/deceleration are nowhere close as bad energy drainers, so stop & go traffic you lose much less than in gas cars. Especially if you let regen take care of slowdowns. It's worse than steady speed, but not that much worse as in ICE cars.