Smart Fortwo - Tesla Battery Pack Technical Data

Smart Fortwo - Tesla Battery Pack Technical Data


I'm a student at Loughborough University (UK) and I'm doing a project simulating the Smart Fortwo vehicle with the Li-ion battery pack from Tesla - I'm struggling to find much data on the pack and wondered if any Tesla enthusiasts could help me out? So..

Nominal Voltage (full pack) - stated as 300-372 V for the pack, has anyone got a specific value for this?
Number of Panasonic 18650 cells - 1,980 in total.
I'm unsure of the exact detail of the cell used, is it the 3.7V or 3.6V with a capacity 2.9Ah, 3.1Ah or 2.2Ah. (and if anyone has exact figures for maximum and minimum voltages that would be very helpful!)
Number of modules - 6 (I was given this figure from the motor manufacturer so pretty sure it's correct)
Number of cells per brick - 22 (this was worked back from 1980/(6*15) as an estimate)
Number of bricks - 15 (this was worked back from 1980/(6*22) as an estimate)
Energy capacity - 16.5 kWh (from online sources)
Internal resistance of each cell = 60 milli-Ohms

Am I right in assuming these values are correct?

Granted working the calculations through I can't quite get the total figures for the pack nominal voltage and the energy capacity quoted. Can anyone shed any light there?

Also anyone any ideas of the Electrical consumption in the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive in terms of HVAC systems etc, etc? As my estimate is very rough.

Any clarification/advice/external source recommendations would be much appreciated!


Timo | 19 februari 2013

If 1980 cells produces 16.5kWh and each cell is either 3.6 or 3.7V then you get 16500Wh/3.7V = 4459Ah/1980 = 2.25Ah, so I'm guessing 2.2Ah cells.

john.robbo | 21 februari 2013

Hi Timo, thanks for reply - would you happen to know the Panasonic code used for that cell in particular?