Snow Chains

Snow Chains

I know the "Shop" has snow chains for 19" wheels. Has anyone asked about chains for the 21" wheels. Has anyone had a sports car with low profile 21" wheels and chains? Maybe it isn't recommended...

Brian H | 22 november 2012

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Timo | 22 november 2012

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Brian H | 22 november 2012

You're lucky; I could've said a nude in a fur coat!

Ceilidh | 22 november 2012

They don't make all weather tires in a 21 inch size. You may have trouble finding chains as well.

My advice would be to put on 19" wheels and tires, which I know sounds expensive and a pain to do. However, summer tires will have horrible snow/ice traction and even with chains will not be as good as chains with all weather tires. Also, the larger wheels may be more likely to be damaged by the chains than 19" wheels.

Safety first.

I am getting 19" wheels and already bought chains for all 4 wheels. Bought a set of nice Thule chains for the rear wheels and the same ones on the TM store for the front. (I ski and have to drive up to Tahoe with chain requirements in the winter from time to time).


sagebrushnw | 22 november 2012

Has anyone tried the next generation snow chains from Mita? They are adjustable for any tire size from 13" to 23" rim diameter.

sergiyz | 22 november 2012


Charging in Folsom both ways ?
I don't think this is right car for this though, not even summer time.
Model X would be a better choice, or take a ski bus if you're doing it a couple of times a year.

JackB | 24 november 2012

Two weekends ago I got through an I-80 chain checkpoint by telling the official I had all-electric drive and that the S performs better than my all AWD Sienna (which is true). The 21-inch tires do break loose on icy uphill grades of 9%, but the traction control kicks in quickly so it's hard to spin out even if you're trying.


RalphGoodson | 9 januari 2015

Hi Ceilidh, can you tell me which Thule model number you are using. I understand that the clearance between wheel and suspension strut is an issue, so thickness of the chain and linkages is crucial. Have you had any problems with the chain rubbing?
Thanks, Ralph