Solar charging posts

Solar charging posts

Is it possible to set up solar charging Posts along the roadsides , one long Pole and 6*6 ft solar panel not sure how much electricity it is able to produce to charge cars.

bonaire | 5 september 2013

What are you asking? like if one pole had some solar on it, it could charge a car all by itself? No, it could act as a small portion of the car's overall charge but that pole needs to be grid-tied.

6x6' square solar pv, even for the highest efficiency, is between 500W and 1000W of power on the best sun day. Cloudy day, 1/4 the output.

You need a lot of solar modules to produce a little bit of energy. You know the solar SC stations that Tesla talks about installing? They are also grid-tied.

Now, do enough solar distributed everywhere (in NJ, they put up one solar panel on many thousands of telephone poles across the whole state) - or if you have 100,000 homes with 4KW grid-tied on their roofs, that creates a more distributed solar generation grid-supplement.

regen | 5 september 2013

A company by the name of Envision is doing just that with their portable solar-charging-posts, however the challenge is being able to store enough energy in order for it to be meaningful. A fully charged solar-unit would only fill, at max, 20% of the Model s 85 battery capacity.


Brian H | 5 september 2013

Your site appears confused. Elon has "finalized the route", not done the trip.

wilson_th | 6 september 2013

thanks it was just an idea, may be some future solar panel technology will improve the 20% to a higher count.

Even with 20 % , its better than having nothing at all, to drive till the next super charging station. If ever the car's charge got depleted before reaching its destination.

Or a foldable solar panel sheet under the Car's boot for use in emergency in case.

Brian H | 6 september 2013

No, it's not better than a slightly bigger battery. Far more unreliable and expensive. The Fisker's trivial few hundred watts cost about $5K, e.g. That's about 20+kWh worth of Tesla battery!