Spotted a "Prototype"

Spotted a "Prototype"

While walking around in Berkley tonight I saw a Model S with a "prototype" logo on the side. Does anyone know what this is about? AWD testing? I have pictures and will try to put them up as well.

Flaninacupboard | 2 juli 2013

Pics or it didn't happen | 2 juli 2013

I saw a black prototype at the Gilroy Superchargers about a month ago. It was a standard MS, but all the chrome was painted black. In talking to the Tesla employee, it was a one-off trying out ideas. I didn't get the impression it was something that was going to be offered.

GeekEV | 2 juli 2013

There were a number of Tesla prototype vehicles at REFUEL 2013 this past Sunday. So many, in fact, they created a new "Tesla Employee" class... Though they didn't look any different to my untrained eye.

up north | 2 juli 2013

could be testing new batteries for 2016?

Brian H | 2 juli 2013

Yeah, what are all the possible things that could be "Proto" in a Model S? The bind moggles.

AmpedRealtor | 2 juli 2013

Did it drive itself? :)

lnxcar | 2 juli 2013

Did it have sensors? When I picked up my car in Fremont early May, they were moving around some chassis that clearly had proximity sensors

mcx-sea | 2 juli 2013

Could the cars with proximity sensors been destined for EU?

cnoshea6 | 3 juli 2013

I don't have my laptop with me so I am not sure how to spot the picutres I took on my phone of it on the forum, any suggestions?

GeekEV | 3 juli 2013

@wimcoekaerts - Come to think of it, yes, some did have those ugly body color circles on the rear bumper. I sure hope Tesla can come up with something nicer looking for the final. Why do parking sensors have to be like that anyway?

Bob W | 4 juli 2013

@GeekEV: After reading this

it seems that ultrasonic parking sensors have to look like that, otherwise they just wouldn't work. That's why they all look the same (pretty ugly IMHO).

Conversely, electromagnetic parking sensors can be completely hidden behind a flat plastic bumper, but then they have other issues, e.g. they may not work well when it's raining heavily, according to some reviews.

Once I realized that the bumper was visible, I decided that I like the way the HD backup camera works (day or night). Adding guide lines to the display will make it even better. I just wish there was a second camera in front.

GeekEV | 4 juli 2013

@Bob W - Yeah, I sincerely hope they're working on the guide lines. I've grown addicted to them on my Nissan LEAF. As for the famera (like frunk, but for a camera, get it?), I'd even go so far as to say it'd be really nice to have a full 360 view like a number of cars have these days.

Brian H | 4 juli 2013

Not 'framera'? ;p

smd | 4 juli 2013

I think I might print up a "PROTOTYPE" vinyl sticker, slap it on my car, and see what kind of reaction/questions I get. ;)