Squeaking noise from backseat / trunk

Squeaking noise from backseat / trunk

Just picked up my models s .... after 3 days , I started hearing a squeaking sound coming from back of the car when driving, cannot exactly point out exactly where. It happens more often at night when its cold. Anyone else have this problem ?

dborn | 15 november 2013


Brian H | 15 november 2013

Mice nesting for the winter?

Jesse K | 15 november 2013

I just recently started experiencing the same thing. I removed everything from trunk, moved the seat belts around, laid the seats down and back up, reset the shelf, etc. Still there. When it started getting cold out it started. Thankfully I have great stereo and love listening to music during my commute...

Mathew98 | 15 november 2013

Do you have the jump seats installed? Try to fold the back seats and/or jump seats and drive and see if they're the culprit.

Jesse K | 15 november 2013

@ Brian H: I realized just after hitting the submit button that I did not use a determiner or the indefinite article "a" before stereo. I personally do not speak in stereo as my post may suggest without this critical determiner... Apologies in advance.

Brian H | 15 november 2013

Unnecessary and irrelevant. Original is clear.

chialinlin | 17 november 2013

Got a call from Tesla service center after the post to have me bring the car in for service... will keep everyone updated ! btw, no sound when passenger siting in the back !

Dvergsj | 17 november 2013

Maybe a half dead hooker is trapped in the trunk? Not sure if that`s a fault or a "feature"?

Brian H | 17 november 2013

By "no sound" do you mean no squeak? Or no audio?

gary.greene | 17 november 2013

Had a similar mysterious noise problem and took it in for service. They put some shims in the pano roof and the noise was eliminated. Keep us posted on yours.

callmehere | 17 november 2013

I get a squeaking noise as well, sounds like a mouse squeak, however I thought it was coming from either the front driver vent to the left of the center screen. I did notice that when I press on the center dash to the left of the center screen, the noise went away. I brought it in for service and they said they will try to add more cushioning to the console dash, we'll see if that fixes the squeaking noise

Rheumboy | 17 november 2013

I had a squeak and took it to my SC and they used cheese to cushion the dash. Now I have more squeaks! WHY?

NKYTA | 17 november 2013

Squeaky cheese curds from Wisconsin.

Brian H | 17 november 2013

Get a cat.

Rheumboy | 18 november 2013

Thanks Brian,

Just ordered the Feline upgrade package...$1200.00.....comes with a bowel for the frunk, catnip, and feather with a more squeak!

whitex | 18 november 2013

My Model S is <2 weeks old. When it got down to ~35 degF outside couple of nights ago I experienced similar problem - squeaking/crackling sounds from the back when driving on the highway. The noise stopped after ~10 minutes of driving (car warmed up?). This was the first time driving at <40degF. No repro when it's warmer outside, so don't see a point to drive down to service center. Gotta wait until full winter kicks in I guess.

PS> No pano option.

DallasTXModelS | 18 november 2013

There was a post on here with someone that had mice in their frunk.


It was 87F here in Dallas yesterday 17 Nov 2013 and in 6 years I'm retiring to Boca Raton, FL to get away from below freezing winters.

When I read the post the first time I misread ~35F as -35F and then "when real winter kicks in." I thought the first time it hit -35F would be the last time as well.

Brian H | 19 november 2013

A bowel for the frunk? A litter box would smell better.

chialinlin | 3 december 2013

Got the car back ... everything is good now. The problem was the trunk door.