Standard suspension production updates

Standard suspension production updates

There is almost discussion on MS with standard suspension. It appears that the parts (coils) are not in stock. Also the company policy to not allow waiting customers to upgrade to air without paying for the price increase is causing some rather long wait times.

ghillair | 10 februari 2013

Tesla announced early on they would not produce std suspension until later. Announced date is production starting in March.

The coils are not out off stock, Tesla has simply not produced (or purchased) a part they don't need yet.

crttnarayan | 25 februari 2013

Standard suspension 60kwh production will start in April I am told. 85s already in production. Could folks getting their std suspensions post them so we can see the progress.

dstiavnicky | 26 februari 2013

I have standard suspension on order on my 85 with a delivery window of March 14-28.

jimhoughton | 10 maart 2013

I have an 85KwH with Standard suspension and my window is March 13-27. Now I just have to get my town to issue the permit for my NEMA 14-50! Looking forward to it soon. If anyone has actually driven one with the coil suspension, would love to hear about it.

crttnarayan | 12 maart 2013

Nice to see that std suspension delivery window is becoming a reality. I will have to call Tesla for my window then. #10760

crttnarayan | 12 maart 2013

@jimhoughton: what is your P number. I have a std suspension on order as well 10760

Brian H | 12 maart 2013

Mebbe you da foist! We will all be watching for your reports.