"...Steve Jobs Would’ve Bought Tesla" article on Bloomberg.

"...Steve Jobs Would’ve Bought Tesla" article on Bloomberg.

Not that Elon has a "Help Wanted" sign up in the window or anything...

Teslation | 2 mei 2013

Only works if Tim Cook lets Elon be CEO of the combined company. I do think Tim Cook would be perfectly happy as the COO.

herkimer | 2 mei 2013

This is one of the silliest articles I have read in awhile.

Elon is not selling Tesla to anyone at this point, and has no reason to. Steve is not around to buy anyway, so this is just idle speculation, not helpful, and having little to do with reality.

Why would Apple buy Tesla? Not credible.
Partnerships, possibly. Tesla is revolutionizing the auto industry in a similar way to the revolution Apple brought to the phone and computer industries. That is about the only connection I can see. They both use advanced computer tech, share a long-time marketing director?

The article begins with a discussion of a partnership between Ford and Apple, does that mean Apple could merge with Ford? Solar City has a marketing agreement with Honda, should we wonder if Honda might buy Solar City .....

What a ridiculous waste of time to speculate in this way.

RedShift | 2 mei 2013

I for one don't think it's a waste of time. I do believe the companies are alike in many respects.

However, a partnership to integrate the UI better is more inline with both companies' mission.

StefanT | 2 mei 2013

I dream of some Apple innovation integrated into the flashy 17" touch screen in the car. Currently its functionality is the least visionary part of the vehicle and there has been little to suggest Tesla software developers are capable of anything more. It is all pretty basic functionality right now. The building blocks are there but without a Tesal lead developer with vision it will remain as simply soft buttons.

Carefree | 2 mei 2013

imherkimer, I think you missed the major point of the article. Apple has stalled and doesn't know where to go from here. I happen to agree with that part of his analysis. He also clearly states that he himself does not believe that Apple would ever buy Tesla - reason being that Apple has lost its mojo under Cook - again, I agree with him.

Apple could very well fall back into becoming meaningless just like before Steve Jobs came back for the rescue.

RedShift | 2 mei 2013

IMHO, Apple IS in real danger of bring the Apple under Amelio or Sculley.

Once you slow down innovation the fire starts to die down. It's difficult to keep innovating forever in the same segment. Ergo, branching out into newer segments.

Does Tim cook have what it takes to be a visionary? I don't think so at all.

BYT | 2 mei 2013

I am an Apple fan and love iOS, I would love tight integration between my iPhone's and my Model S. I'm not sure however if I would want iOS running the 17" screen on my Model S but to have a lot of it's capabilities would be SWEETNESS!

jat | 2 mei 2013

@imherkimer - Tesla is a publicly traded company. If you want to buy it, you just offer more for the shares than the people who hold them are willing to sell them for. Apple, with all its billions in cash (though admittedly most of it is outside the US and would incur huge taxes if it is repatriated; that's why they did the bond issue), could certainly buy Tesla if they wanted to (as could Google, and a handful of others). To get controlling interest, they would have to pay far more than the current stock price, so it isn't clear it would be financially prudent.

I would certainly hate having iCar, and that would lead me to reverse engineer the software so I could make updates without having to pick up the Apple updates. One thing Apple has never done well is working with any other manufacturer's hardware, so I doubt my flawless Bluetooth operation with Android phones would continue (though ironically my work MBP works flawlessly in clamshell mode through my KVM switch to Dell monitors, while it only rarely comes up in clamshell mode with Apple's own Thunderbolt displays at work).

rallykeeper | 2 mei 2013

I think what was craziest about that article is the notion that Steve Jobs would ever make such a big purchase for Apple or expanded Apple beyond its core (pun intended ;-)).

Jobs wanted to Apple to remain focused and he liked home-grown technology. Apple has never made a large acquisition (other than NeXT). In fact, it has hardly ever made any product-based acquisition. Instead, it has bought smaller companies in order to gain access to their talent (and possibly some of their underlying technology).

I'm starting to wonder why I ever read the articles that show up under my TSLA ticker....

Brian H | 2 mei 2013

I think he's almost right on, though I would actually hate to see it happen.

lolachampcar | 2 mei 2013

The IPhone was Apple's (one) bite at the apple. The advantage is passing and Apple will soon return to the Apple of old. I'm certain that will not be a popular position on this forum but there, I've said it.

Tesla, on the other hand, is right at the beginning of the discontinuity they have created. Elon, please do not stop shoot for Mars and beyond.

lolachampcar | 2 mei 2013


Brian H | 2 mei 2013

Don't you mean Apple's one bite at the orange? ;p

PaceyWhitter | 2 mei 2013


I would disagree with your first point.

Apple has had three huge products which define their markets:

Iphone and

While none of these products were particularly groundbreaking, each dominated the maket in their catagory.

As for your prediction for the future, you may be right, Apple seems to be content make evolutionary upgrades to their current product lines instead of branching out to new lines like the article is hoping for.

BYT | 2 mei 2013

Don't forget iWatch and the iTV (not the AppleTV). Lot's of speculation on new stuff and even if those two don't pan out, I expect new and innovative technology from Apple postJobs over the next 3 or 4 years. After that it's a crap shoot... :)

GettingOldFast | 2 mei 2013

The photo attached to the article threw me off. It pictures a Model S but says that the Roadster is not catching on in the UK the way it has caught on in the US and Eurozone. What does that have to do with anything???

lolachampcar | 2 mei 2013

all good products no doubt and Apple is a solid niche premium vendor (think Bang and Olufsun) but I remember the Ipod pre-Iphone - Neat high end product but too restrictive on content usage for my (and most other's) tastes. The IPhone set the market on its ear and Apple deserves every bit of credit for it. The IPad is an IPhone without the phone so I lump it in as a continuation of the IPhone.

I guess my point is the entity that exists today is reflective of innovation that is many years old and thus the entity you see is in decline.

BYT | 2 mei 2013

Did you all know that it was the design team that handed an iPad to Steve Jobs originally and he was they one who said, "Hey, this would make a great phone!" The rest is history!