Superchargers coverage of France by 2014?

Superchargers coverage of France by 2014?

While browsing on the web, I have found this article in French stating they would know about future SC implementation plans in France. They even included the map below:

I have my doubts about this article for several reasons:
- 24 stations in France compared with the 100+ in the States seems a lot, doens't it
- many of the stations seem to be in big cities instead of between big cities
- some major axes (Strasbourg-Paris; Lille-Dijon) are >500km / 300mi long without SC in between.

Not having anything around Reims and Nancy would actually make it impossible for people from northern countries and Benelux to reach the South of France, while it's the top summer holiday route.

Has anyone seen this "news" confirmed or does have any thought about this?

Benz | 31 juli 2013

Just wait for Tesla Motors to unveil the Supercharger map for Europe. This map should go live in Q4 2013.

Brian H | 31 juli 2013

I agree with the OP; my immediate reaction to the map was that it was irrational. Someone invented it who doesn't comprehend the principle!

Jean PierreD | 31 juli 2013

with a additional supercharger in luxembourg, i like this map very much. the south route is well covered aswell as the west coast.
thanks Tesla

negarholger | 31 juli 2013

The number 24 makes a lot of sense... in the US in populated areas it 1 charger per 10,000 sq miles. France 260,000 / 10,000 = 26

The placement of the dots does not make sense.

Belgium ~ 12,000 = 1 SC
Luxembourg ~ 1,000 = 0.1 SC
Netherlands ~ 16,000 = 1 or 2 SC
Germany ~ 140,000 = 14 SC

just me playing with numbers...

LionPowered | 1 augustus 2013

It would be cool to see Teslas as team cars in the Tour de France. Good for motor pacing too, with no exhaust fumes. I bet they'll show up in a bike race somewhere soon.

ian | 1 augustus 2013

Ha! I was thinking the same thing while watching the tour this year! I'm sure the riders would appreciate it. I know I would! ;-)

Need to get the gendarme's, cameras, and photographers on electric motorcycles too!

I saw a blue S out at one of the first races of the year hear locally (Seattle) but didn't stop to see who it was.

Having a wide network of Supercharging stations throughout France would sure help. As a cycling fan it would be really cool to see a team sponsored by Tesla. As a stockholder, not so much. They could install quite a few Superchargers for the amount it would take to sponsor a cycling team. Especially a Protour team!


Brian H | 1 augustus 2013

The Tour de Tesla! I like it!

contact | 22 januari 2014

Hi guy, I'm french and just booked my S. These implementations make sense according to the way frenchies move and use their car. You can't just copy-paste the american model and this adaptation looks quite perfect. According to me, there is something missing around Reims (north-east) and maybe close to Clermont Ferrand (center) to allow us to move from any city to the other.

I leave in Paris area and often commute to Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and the Alps area. Assuming there are SC in Luxembourg and Geneva, I can use my tesla for any business trip and maybe can resell my Mercedes S500.... looking forwards to get my car in june.


Benz | 25 januari 2014

Paula den Dunnen (Tesla Motors Director of Communications in Europe) was being interviewed on the radio yesterday. She spoke about a route from Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris to the south of France. In the next few months there should be more news. Maybe at the Geneva Motor Show?

loic.sadoulet | 19 april 2014

Any new news? Trying to plan my vacation this summer :)