I've been at it for forty-eight hours, here are some initial musings:

strengthcoach4 | 14 januari 2013


hfcolvin | 14 januari 2013

Dang it! I was set on the Gray, now I have to start thinking about blue again! Nice write up and thanks!

markapeterman | 14 januari 2013

Great blog! Your S has an identical twin in Dallas - (85kwh/blue/tan/matte/pano/19in)- it is beautiful.

JThompson | 14 januari 2013

I really enjoyed your musings!! Thanks for sharing!

sandman | 14 januari 2013

nice blog cattledog!

Epley | 14 januari 2013

Like the "zero emmisions" back plate!

Velo1 | 14 januari 2013

This was an awesome read - thanks and keep'em coming. I have similar metal posts in my garage, and just an FYI, I had them wrapped years ago with foam padding, basically along the area a car door is likely to impact. The padding has saved my cars from many impacts (kids, spousal unit).

Toward grinning as you drive by gas stations. I plan to stop regularly at our neighborhood gas station - to clean my windows and leave with a Tesla Grin.

Brian H | 15 januari 2013

That's a "placeholder" fill-in TM puts there until you get you real one(s).

Cattledog | 15 januari 2013

More ramblings just posted, enjoy.

Brian H | 16 januari 2013

Do the blue heelers race the blue Tesla? Pix!!