Tesla Motors Steam Group

Tesla Motors Steam Group

Any gamers here? We are looking for fans of Tesla Motors.

It'd be awesome to have people to talk about Tesla while playing games or hanging out in the group chat room. :)

If any of you have vast knowledge of Tesla and their products. I'd be happy to make you an officer. We need to spread awareness of this amazing car company to the gaming community.

Here's the link to the Steam Group:

olanmills | 22 februari 2013

I am a gamer, but I don't do much steam gaming.

cloroxbb | 22 februari 2013

I use steam, but I dont really use the forums. And if I want to talk about Tesla, I would rather use these forums and TMC.

For some reason, I think most of the people on here are not big gamers. But of course that is a generalization based on absolutely nothing :)