Tesla owners: How often/ever do you have range anxiety?

Tesla owners: How often/ever do you have range anxiety?

The only consistently mentioned knock against the Model S (apart from price) is "range anxiety". So here's a question for current Model S owners. Have you ever felt range anxiety? If so, how often? 1 out of 100 trips, etc? And, of course, have you ever run out of charge and been stranded?

kent | 11 januari 2013

Range anxiety only once with Max charge. I drove to Indianapolis and back the same day. 236 miles round trip. It was cold 32 degrees and almost 100% highway driving. I drove about 70-75 MPH on the way to and back from Indianapolis. Realized I'd used a little more than 1/2 charge. Found a nice restaurant that had J1772 charger and added 15 miles during a 50 minute lunch. I made it back with 6 miles remaining.

Lessons learned:

Slow down and you get more range.
Turn down the heater (cabin temperature was 74 with seat heater on)
Car is way to much fun to drive slow.

kent | 11 januari 2013

Added information:

3600 Miles so far and average wh/mi is 370 due to living in Ohio during Winter.

DouglasR | 11 januari 2013

I feel not so much range anxiety, but a reluctance to use the car for longer trips. This will improve as the supercharger network develops and expands into my area, but let's face it: the supercharger network will never be every place you want it to be. And it will be a while before hotels and motels have installed enough charging facilities that we are offered a decent selection of where to stay over night.

So, yes, the major drawback of an all electric car is the lack of flexibility in where you can travel, when you can go, an whether you can take a trip without extensive planning. I don't yet feel that I can give up my ICE car.

But over time, this problem will diminish, and I will get more accustomed to the charging environment. Meanwhile, the car, its performance and handling, and the sheer delight of driving it will more than make up for its shortcomings.

Epley | 11 januari 2013

No range anxiety at all around home. I'm in a satellite office 60 miles from home today, which is 20 miles from Seattle. Will drive home, from there to seattle and back and won't have to recharge all day.

Longer trips take more planning and take more time, for sure. Kent and Douglas have it right.

And it's way too fun a car to drive 55...

Mark22 | 11 januari 2013

Miles - 4600
Range anxiety occurances - 0
Occurances of Tesla smile passing gas stations - hundreds:)
Tesla smile due to teleportation - uncountable :-)

tcunning | 11 januari 2013

I just received my car and I wouldn't really call it range anxiety that I'm feeling, but a lock of confidence in the range estimation of the car. I'm being really watchful of how far stuff is because I don't yet have a good feeling of what the car is capable of doing.

I commute to work 40 miles each way, and there is no place to plug-in at work. Also it's rather cold here in Michigan so I just don't have a good feeling yet for how all these factors are going to effect my range. I do have confidence I will be able to get to and from work every day.

TeslaOwnerBlog | 11 januari 2013

Roadster owner for 3+ years, soon to be Model S owner.

never had range anxiety!
never ran out of charge.
Lowest amount of charge left was about 40 miles.

Carried around a 110V plug just in case, never used it.

Relevant blog posts:

Brian H | 12 januari 2013

US Govt stats show 1% of trips are long range, 30% of total miles.

anthonytesla | 12 januari 2013

I've been driving a Leaf for almost 2 years. I've had a few "close ones", but the Leaf has a much shorter range. The Tesla was delivered yesterday, so I don't have "experience" with it, but I know that I can go lots farther than in my Leaf (the Tesla is for the wife because she's always driving the Leaf despite having an ICE in the garage)...

This is what I've learned over the "almost 2 years" with my Leaf and expect I'll have the same experience with the Tesla: I seem to drive "very conservative" to my destination and "who cares" on how I drive home (assuming, I'll have some "range left").

The other thing that I've learned, and what others have said here, is that you tend to drive slower, stay in the slow lane (in the Leaf at least), etc. My one day as a Tesla owner, however, feels different in that I have driven the car, well, like my ICE's. (ok, not totally true as everyone that gets in it gets the "see how quick it is and well it handles" experience which means "pedal to the metal" :))

I have pulled into my driveway more than a few times in the Leaf with zero miles left but no "Turtle" (a turtle appears when you've got about 5 miles of charge left). Honestly, only once was I concerned about not getting home in my Leaf. | 12 januari 2013

My average day has me plugging in with about 150 miles left to go. More than enough juice to enjoy the car's power on a daily basis.

JohhnyS | 12 januari 2013

Really no range anxiety at all on a daily. Since I have a full tank each morning, I have range freedom. Some of my days have around 200 miles of driving. Trips are a different matter. We did one day trip of about 240 miles. I knew we would make it home, but I did feel a little anxiety.

I have read the posts about longer road trips with interest. My observation is that usually the travelers are not on a tight schedule. If they have to wait for a charge or use the plan B charger, it is not that big of a deal. I will have to think about this aspect when planning a longer trip.

Tâm | 12 januari 2013

I usually drove around 900 miles or less / month with my Prius.

Now that I got my Model S for the past 3 weeks, I have driven more than 2,100 miles.

Hey, it's just too fun, fast, nice, calm, and graceful to drive Tesla. All this with no range anxiety.

The trick is my driving is limited with 6 California Superchargers in mind :)

reitmanr | 12 januari 2013

Our longest trip to day was about 85 miles each way. Decided to charge at the Gilroy supercharge station on the way home.I guess that was a bit of anxiety. There were 4 empty charge stations for Tesla and several for Leaf etc. The Sc rate of 220 miles per hour certainly relieves any anxiety.
I also confess, free charging just feels good. Thanks TM!

Brian H | 13 januari 2013

Tam (et al) how 'bout keeping a log of SuperCharger uses, date and miles (or kWh) charged, and where. It will make for a very interesting map, or layer/overlay, in a year's time!

jchangyy | 13 januari 2013

I don't have my Mod S yet...expecting Feb/March. However, I'm having PRA (pre-range anxiety) as I plan my trips with Mod S.

From Santa Clara to Cambria and Hearst Castle. Only if I can find a hotel in the area that would allow me to charge over night.

jat | 13 januari 2013

I didn't have any range anxiety in my LEAF after a week or so of learning how the car would respond and what levels of efficiency I could get if I needed. I expect out-of-town trips in the Model S will be the same way -- the first one I will be careful and figure out how the rated miles relate to how it is driven, and then future trips there will be no range anxiety, I will just drive the speed necessary to reach my destination.

Brian H | 13 januari 2013

Yep; FAST = SHORT; SLOW = LONG. Both time and distance.

TonyF | 13 januari 2013

I experienced range anxiety only once - the first time I took a road trip.

I received my car on December 10 and have used it only for local trips and commuting to work until this road trip. It was over the holidays when I drove to Springfield MA from Philadelphia PA to visit family. One way was 275 miles, and another 22 miles to my hotel that had a J1772 charger. I could not make it without getting a charge somewhere so I made arrangements to stop at the Tesla Store in White Plains NY for a charge. They were 146 miles from me. The Tesla folks were happy to help. However, just before the trip, I learned that the Milford Supercharger station opened, but that was almost 190 miles away. Should we try to go directly there? That's when I got range anxiety. I only had 2-weeks of driving the Tesla- none of it highway, so I was still unsure of energy use. I was not at all confident I can make it 190 miles to Milford with full batteries if there were traffic jams or other inconveniences one often experiences along the northeast corridor.

So I charged the batteries up to the max. (270 miles) and we started the road trip. I figured that if I could use energy at an average rate not more than 400wh/mi. we could reach Milford with some miles to spare. As it turned out, driving the speed limit (65 with some stretches of 55 and several miles of stop and go around the city), we averaged only 335Wh/mi. so we made it to Milford with plenty of miles remaining. I haven't had range anxiety since. In fact for the remainder of that trip, I did not charge the batteries to maximum). I am quite confident that in warmer weather, I will routinely match or exceed the rated miles shown on the dash. And if all else fails, I will SLOW DOWN and easily exceed rated miles remaining.

Oliver in Seattle | 14 januari 2013

Going to have some range anxiety today I think. Charge port door stuck shut yesterday. Drove 50 miles yesterday (short trips in freezing weather) and 25 miles to work, 30 miles to service center, will have another 60 miles to get back to work and then home. I'll be going a bit slow on the way to preserve range, I expect.

Will update the stuck charge port thread when I find out what's up with the charge port door. It appears that the car thinks the charge cable is plugged in (maybe the third pin is stuck in the 'in' position). The blue light is on inside the charge port. Don't know if this has to do with the cold (for Seattle) weather we've been having or what.

This might impact what car to take skiing (or rAher which car to take to which ski area), but I do believe I'll make it all the way to work and back, provided they get the door fixed up for me today. Otherwise the service guys will get me home and I'll have to drive the boxster. Life's rough.

Oliver in Seattle | 14 januari 2013

Update: range anxiety mitigated by 40 miles of charge added after they got my charge door open. Charge port gone bad (safety pin stuck). Service techs showed me a workaround to use until a new charge port arrives and is installed. Apparently not the first bad charge port they have seen. Very happy to be back up and running, and looking forward to final resolution.

DerekM | 14 januari 2013

I have driven about 3,500 miles in my Model S, but had my first real range anxiety this past Saturday night principally because I had gotten used to not worrying about my range that much. I drove from my home in Berkeley to a lunch in San Mateo (about 40 miles), gave a test drive (about 5 miles with fast acceleration), then drove to Redwood City (about 10 miles), then went on a drive with my friend to Half Moon Bay and back (about 65 miles), then decided to go to the movies in Mountain View (about 28 miles round trip). When I got back to Redwood City I realized that I only had 39 miles of projected charge, and my house in Berkeley was 42 miles away and it was 11:00 pm. I had not signed up for ChargePoint, so the only place I could find to charge without a membership was in an industrial park, where I sat from 11:00 to midnight to get my charge up to 49 miles projected (with 39 miles to home from that location). I was very nervous driving home, especially since there are rolling hills for the last 10 miles before I get home. Ended up making it to my home after driving 42 actual miles from the place I charged, and with 3 miles left of charge (the hills use up more charge).

Lessons learned: 1. Sign up for ChargePoint and Blink so you can use their chargers if you need to. 2. Don't get TOO relaxed with the range on this car, because it does eventually run out!

DarrellH | 14 januari 2013

We have driven a Roadster over 3.5 years with no range anxiety. We've even driven beyond the range several times. Just plan ahead: plan for the place and time to charge.

We recently drove the Model S 800+ miles on a weekend. Thank you Superchargers! Once again, just plan ahead. Lunch or dinner near a Supercharger and then drive.

I never use ice in my sodas and I'll never use ICE vehicles again.

ruffieux | 16 maart 2015

So far only once run a bit into range anxiety during the past 40'000km on a long range trip from Switzerland to the UK, back when Supercharges were not yet sufficiently available along the route.

This however was easy to overcome by slowing down during the first stint to the first available Supercharger.

On long trips it pay's to have energy statistics on the screen and slow down early should you see that energy get's tight. Slowing down has a dramatical positive effect on the range!

We so far never stranded and I do not see any reason why anyone should do so. But yes, long range trips do require a little planning sometimes to coordinate your bladder requirements with the energy requirements of the car and available Superchargers :-)

On our trip to the UK someones bladder in the car was always full before the Model S battery was empty :-) ....and....we never waited for the charger. Our personal needs always took longer than the car to charge!

I am not even considering to look back to dinosaure cars.

Mike83 | 16 maart 2015

Many long trips with the latest at 2100 miles. WE always leave 40 miles reserve. On one trip to Mendocino a year ago we called the hotel and they said we could plug in. We got there after about 240 miles and plugged in. We left after a beautiful vacation(plan to visit again) having gourmet food, great chocolates, fantastic art and the place where they filmed Murder She Wrote.
Now there are so many ways to charge(thousands of electric plugs and many SCs)we never worry but one must plan a little. The new NAV works great and the places to charge are stored on the car computer. Its very easy. Avoiding gas is healthy.

richard_lawson | 16 maart 2015

I don't feel it often but unfortunately have to drive my other car 10-12 times a year. I had a trip to Columbus GA from Atlanta last week. It's 240 miles round trip. There is no supercharger in-between. It would be great if there was a place where we could suggest charger location. There are several times a year I just cannot drive my car.

Haggy | 16 maart 2015

I see that it happens so often that this thread was dormant since 2013.

I sometimes have range anxiety. When my wife uses the MS and I need to use a different car, I might find that it has 1/8 of tank left. I have to wounder if I will make it to my destination without running out of gas, or whether I can stop and get gas and still be able to get to my destination on time. When you have multiple cars and one of the kids might have used the car the previous evening and not put gas in it, that's when you get range anxiety. You might not have any idea how much gas is in the car until you get into it.

So far, it's happened to me once in the Tesla. Before I had my garage cleaned out, I had to back into my driveway and have the charging cable come out under the garage door. So I didn't charge every night. One day I was about 25 miles from home, realized that I didn't need to be where I currently was for another few hours, and considered going home in the mean time. But that would have meant at least 75 miles to go home and back and home again, and I figured that there would be other things I might want to do that day. I probably would have done just fine, but I did have to consider things.

These days, it's a non issue because plugging in takes a few seconds and my garage is clear. I learned the lesson that it's best to plug in every night and I haven't come close to worrying about it since.

tes-s | 16 maart 2015


AoneOne | 16 maart 2015

@richard_lawson: at the bottom of the Supercharger page, you'll see a link to "Suggest A Supercharger Location" where you can make suggestions. It usually works best if you have already contacted the property owner and determined if they are receptive to the idea.

shop | 16 maart 2015

Interesting that this thread has been resurrected now. Well, speaking as the OP, I've had range anxiety once in two years of driving about 30,000 miles when I forgot to do a full charge the night before a 110 mile mountain trip. My estimated mileage got as low as 30 miles (and dropping fast) until I crested the mountain and then gained miles until I reached my destination.

It was just a mild case of anxiety, and I suspect that Elon's upcoming firmware announcement Thursday would have ameliorated even that. I suspect Tesla is going to announce that they have data crunched every single driving mile that every single Model S has done and now have an incredibly accurate trip estimator. So the car will be able to tell you with a very high degree of precision that you have enough juice before you start your trip.

Haggy | 16 maart 2015

If they do, I hope they get it down to the nearest inch. Or mm. Either way I'm fine.

Rocky_H | 16 maart 2015

I have had a couple of range anxiety moments, but the energy displays in the car gave great information to know what was going on and how well my responses were correcting for it.

One was in the first few weeks I had gotten the car. It was going over some mountains in Utah (Twin Falls, ID to Logan, UT 189 miles), and the outside temperature was down to 14 degrees, so my estimated range was dropping below my remaining distance to go. I had already started out with 63mph cruise right from the beginning to be extra safe since it was my first trip, and ended up lowering to about 60, and it worked out fine with 50 miles rated range left.

The other time was Farmington, UT to Twin Falls (202 miles), and got caught a bit with some temperature drop, snow/slush, and strong headwinds. It was night, so visibility got kind of bad, so that most people had slowed to about 45mph anyway for a while. We ended up staying at about 50mph the rest of the way to make it in with about 20 miles rated range left.

These highway routes with no Superchargers are still a little touchy, but using the information you've got and responding to it early can handle it.

Still, this was not quite the same as range anxiety, because I didn't have a worry about getting stranded. I knew that there were RV parks that I was passing where I could have charged. They just weren't the destination I was trying to get to, so I wanted to just make it without a delaying stop.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 16 maart 2015

Proper planning and good judgement eliminate range anxiety. We traded in range anxiety with our Leaf. Our S85 gets us where we need to go with no worries.

mrrjm | 16 maart 2015

Skipped a supercharger in CO last year. Had a little anxiety when I found out the mountain was all uphill. Made it without a problem. Backside was all downhill.

David Trushin | 16 maart 2015

I recently had a bad case of range anxiety. We were driving on the toll road, my wife was driving and I was so used to driving the model S that I had long since stopped checking the gas gauge on her car. I happened to glance over and saw that it was on empty and I didn't know how far to the next gas station. We made it.

buickguy | 16 maart 2015

I've had my S85 for a year now. I haven't had a case of range anxiety in 11 months.

Tesltoronto | 16 maart 2015

I have had it a couple of times.

Once while driving back from Detroit Airport. I had parked at the Detroit airport and since all the chargers there were taken I had to drive to Chatham, ON to charge at at Suncountry charger.

And the second time when I was driving from Niagara Falls to Macedonia, OH. I reached the Supercharger with about 10 miles to spare.

Detroit to Toronto is no longer an issue with the Woodstock Supercharger and the soon to come Supercharger near Chatham, ON.

Toronto to Cleveland or Pittsburgh would continue to be a problem till Clarence, NY Supercharger is in place (when is it coming up????) and hopefully there is another Supercharger near Erie, PA (not even planned yet).

Last year I went on a road trip to Dallas, TX. I had to take my ICE since the Supercharger network was not ready. But this year it is a totally different story with most of the way paved with Superchargers, and I am just waiting for the drive!!!

evcarfan91 | 16 maart 2015

Had lots of range anxiety on a recent 2200-mi round trip from San Diego to Santa Fe. Everything was fine until Gallup, NM. After that, no more superchargers. Luckily, found people via PlugShare and it worked out fine and made some new friends!

BUT, I hate having to resort to PlugShare. It required planning a day or two in advance, emailing 4-5 people in the hopes one would be around when I needed them to, etc etc... and even then, takes forveer to charge in someone's garage in Santa Fe or Albuquerque to get to Gallup again.

Now, hopefully all this will be moot "some day" -- if Tesla ever gets the Albuquerque SuperCharger up and running.

Far more concerning than range anxiety is service anxiety in New Mexico, a state that disallows Tesla from opening service centers. If I ever need service out there, I am in deep voo-doo....

vlad22 | 16 maart 2015

I have gotten it every time the thermometer drops to -25 -30 Celsius. At that temp preheated from shore power and left sitting in the bitter cold outside the range drops off very quickly. I have had two "close" calls. Not so much when you thing you still had another 6-10 miles of range and you're at home but still uncomfortable. Add to that the yellow line that tells you the car won't accelerate quick and the regen is 100% disabled, makes for interesting feelings piloting your 155k battery down the freeway. The above mentioned happened twice after charging to 368km rated range and traveling between 105-120km of actual with three to four cool down- warm up cycles. Now that the weather has turned I have gone a marathon 303 km over 3 days and not plugged the car in. The difference between a cold weather tesla and a warmer one is similar to driving a Aston Martin vantage flat out and then getting into a Prius.

freemarket | 16 maart 2015

I picked up a P85D on 12/26/14. My first Tesla.

I will have driven 8,000 miles by Wednesday.

That's 98 miles a day on average over 81 days.

I drive 360-380 miles a week on 1 day of the week.

From Abq to Farmington, NM its 178 miles for me.

The only range anxiety I've experienced was on the 1st trip.

Now I understand the car.

Worst case for me for the Abq to Farmington Drive, 250 rated to start

178 miles later and 9 rated miles left. The biggest impact was ambient temperature.

That day was almost 0º. And, that's on an elevation gain going from Abq to Farmington of 8,500 ft gain

with 8,300 down. Since the climate has warmed, anything over 30-50º is very consistent at at 25% loss.

Now, anything over 50º has been way closer to 5% loss even with the trip from Abq going to Farmington.

My trip back from Farmington @ above 50º weather is near spot on.

(For clarification, the 5%-25% loss factors are based on the original rated mile value when beginning.)

I did not read any posts after you posted this thread, so that's what I've got to add to your equation.

All the best!

NKYTA | 16 maart 2015

The first couple trips from Harris Ranch to Bartsow and back we slightly disconcerting, but with Mojave SC under construction, that won't be around much longer.

HenryT2 | 18 maart 2015

I get range anxiety ALL THE TIME.

Every time I get into my Toyota Highlander, it seems like the gauge is showing a quarter tank remaining! I'm always looking at the gauge and thinking "When am I going to have to stop in some shady, dirty, and probably dangerous gas station to pump toxic and highly flammable liquids into this deathtrap?"

Unless you meant how often do I have range anxiety driving in my Model S. Then, only a few times. And I have a 40.

Plugged In | 18 maart 2015

Only a couple of times in almost a year.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18 maart 2015

We have it all the time due to having houses 190 miles apart in an are with winter weather. Ten or twenty added miles range would be great.

shop | 18 maart 2015

@PD, how has the range been with your new D?

sklancha | 18 maart 2015

A few times.

I have had my car 10 months, and have 31K miles. We do quite a bit of long distance drives, but very few times that we've had range anxiety issues.
1. Driving from Chattanooga TN to Covington (North of Memphis)- It is a little over 300 miles, and the amount of free range charging stations between are slow, few and far, and the land is rolling hills.
2. Driving from Decatur (North Atlanta) GA to Lake City FL- Was getting exceptionally great mileage (245wh/mile), and the range estimator predicted I could make the 297 miles, so skipped the Macon and Tifton superchargers. Figured that I could just stop at a Chargepoint if needed. The last 20-30 miles suddenly got very windy and I lost all my cushion... started to look for someplace to charge a little too late as there was NOTHING showing up on Plugshare. This was genuine range anxiety as I watched my estimated range drop from 30 more than the destination, to 8 less than the destination! Did all the tricks of the trade and pulled in 2 miles after hitting the 'no miles' left mark.

but that was not the worst experience.

3. By far the most anxiety producing EV experience so far. Just bought a second car- a Leaf. The dealership new less about the car than I did. I had to drive the car (fully charged) from the dealership, 70 miles to my sons home. The car and the area were completely new to me. The dealer said that I should have no troubles making the distance since it was 30 miles less than what the 'guess-o-meter' said. Eleven miles before I got to my destination, the car informed me that I will need to charge in order to reach my destination. OK. It asked me if I'd like it to find a nearby charging station. Great. OK. It then informed me that it did not have the ability to find that information 'for that region.' I was unfamiliar with the area, unfamiliar with all the knobs and gadgets in this new car, and had no idea how I was going to charge the car. True range anxiety (and I only owned THAT car for an hour)! Since I couldn't charge, I just lowered my speed, turned the heater off, etc. etc. Made it to my destination with 4 miles to spare... and only to discover that the both charging station on front of my sons home had a vehicle in it!

We've only had the Leaf for a couple days, but its ability to predict how far you can go is SO far off, that it provides for a constant state of range anxiety. We can't even make it make sense by doing the math ourselves (If it says that I am averaging 4.5 miles per kWh, and it is a 24kWh battery- shouldn't I be able to comfortably get 90 miles out of a charge?)


AmpedRealtor | 18 maart 2015

I had range anxiety yesterday for all of 5 seconds. My car's range was down to 100 miles and I was then informed by my spouse that we would be visiting our friend in the hospital who just had a baby. That's 114 miles round trip. But then I realized, hey, there's a Supercharger 2 miles down the street! Duh... no range anxiety.

PhillyGal | 18 maart 2015

Range annoyance is more like it knowing I can't get to my in-laws and back without either staying there for an extra long visit (trickle charge) or hitching a ride to/from the level 2 charger in the next town.

But that is only because a planned SC location at the midway point was pulled due to "insurmountable challenges" with the utilities or some such.

3.5 months and nearly 7,000 miles and we've never had an instance of "oh crap we could run out this time" feeling that, to me, is what defines range anxiety.

Delmo S Lates | 18 maart 2015

With cold weather I definitely had some range anxiety trying to make a moderate trip. I had a full 250 mile charge but driving my 80 mile trip at 0-10 degrees at 75 mph knocked probably 50% of my rated range. I wouldn't be able to return home without a charge. Fortunately my destination city had a supercharger (I knew that or wouldn't have made the trip). But I certainly had anxiety over the significant range limitation and not knowing if I would be able to make a round trip. My anxiety also included the time to charge. At the end of the day, I wanted to get home and 30-40 minutes at a supercharger was not my idea of efficient.

Now with the warmer weather, I made the same trip and arrived with 130 miles of rated miles, I supercharged for 20 minutes, added 50 miles (seemed slow to me at 150 miles / hour), and after returning home and some additional driving, pulled into garage with 54 miles. I would have had 4 miles to spare if I didn't supercharge. The update and weather helped.

WH/mile dropped from 440's over the last 3K miles to 340's due to warmer weather and torque update. I'm much happier about the range now.

To me range anxiety not only means enough miles to reach a destination but the time it takes to charge. That can add significant time to a trip.

Rocky_H | 19 maart 2015

@sklancha, I've actually been stewing about this a bit since I read your post the other day. My genuine sympathies on scenario #3, but on scenario #2...I actually got a little angry reading it.

It's like how the poor kid with no toys feels when they see that a rich kid with toys throws them away because they got bored of them. You purposefully skipped using the highest power charging stations that exist in the world that were right there on your route, and then had range anxiety because you refused to make that 10 minute stop. From one who lives in an area with no Superchargers, that is rather irritating that someone would take them so for granted and not use them. And yet you call it "genuine range anxiety".

mathwhiz | 19 maart 2015

In a year of ownership, once and only once... I tried to make it on a max charge from the Vegas Supercharger to the Beaver SC and ended up diverting to my alternate at Cedar City KOA, March 23, 2014. The St. George Supercharger was being built at the time...