Tesla Patent Applications Reveal Next Generation EV Technology - The tipping point?

Tesla Patent Applications Reveal Next Generation EV Technology - The tipping point?

PaceyWhitter | 23 april 2013

I don't know, a consumable range extender battery?

Seems like with improvements in Li-ion technology this this would be unnecessary.

Almost like a PHEV with a little less weight and size.

caolivieri | 23 april 2013

Reading through the Proxy Materials last night, I found that the TSLA board gives bonuses for innovations that are patent-able. You would be supprized to know what patents GM and Ford have had for EV technology for many years, yet not implemented.

DouglasR | 23 april 2013

Often the sole reason to prosecute a patent application is to prevent the competition from developing that idea. Many if not most patents are simply sat upon.

jackhub | 23 april 2013

Interesting review of Tesla's actual patent filings. No speculation. The implication of this article is that Tesla will introduce a 2 battery pack energy source: Li-ion batteries for acceleration (quick discharge but slow charging), and Al-air batteries (quick charging but slow discharging) for cruising. The lighter weight of the Al-air battery would also work into a smaller vehicle like the Gen III. Software similar to what the Prius uses when switching from ICE to electric motor would seamlessly meld the two energy sources into a single motor-drive-train under driving conditions.

Since one of the core technologies or Tesla (as well as SpaceX and SolarCity) is software control, Tesla is likely to find the right balance between the two energy sources. That would solve the range problem and keep the performance.

I hope they offer an upgrade for my Model S!