Tesla Rebranding

Tesla Rebranding

I feel that a good idea for Elon moving forward with his vision, he should rebrand his company with a future purpose.

Instead of simply Tesla Motors... for all of the future designs and travel methods (Rocket, Motors, Hyperloop) it seems as though his area of focus is Transport.

I think Tesla Motors should re-brand entirely into Tesla Transport

Hyperloop, Car, Rocket, all Tesla Transport. You know how we have Marc Trains, Amtrak Trains, etc...

I imagine a future where we say we're going to ride Tesla Transport.


yobigd20 | 19 november 2013

Beam me up, Tesla.

GeekEV | 19 november 2013

Perhaps eventually they will do just that. Right now they've got their hands full...

Brian H | 19 november 2013

You want Tesla to take over SpaceX? What for? And the Hyperloop is open source, and various private companies are already working on it.

Silly suggestion.

olanmills | 19 november 2013

I think what you mean is that you think there should be some sort of conglomerate umbrella company over all of these different ventures. If I remember correctly, I believe this is a question Elon has actually addressed before, and basically he said there is no reason or benefit to do such a thing. If it made sense in the future, then it would be considered.

Roamer@AZ USA | 19 november 2013

For a variety of business, tax, legal and liability reasons it makes more sense to create separate entities. The sad reality of our regulatory and law suit driven world.

Timo | 19 november 2013

Umbrella corporation. Uh, no thanks.

Car t man | 20 november 2013

Rockets use motors...

blue adept | 26 november 2013

A place for everything and everything in its' place is, has, and will always be the best formula for success in technological innovations.

Tesla is not a conglomerate supplier like WalMart or some other mega store distributorship...Tesla does what Tesla does, SpaceX does what SpaceX does and Solar City does what Solar city does.

Maintaining a focused approach to innovation is a proven business model.

Captain_Zap | 26 november 2013

How about GE? Mitsubishi? Even GM makes most of its money off of GM financing.

GeekEV | 27 november 2013

And when was the last time you bought anything from either GE or Mitsubishi?