Tesla Revamps Showrooms for Model X

Tesla Revamps Showrooms for Model X

Here's a link to Bloomberg article with accompanying video about Tesla revamping its showrooms to develop brand identification before the debut of the Model X:

Tesla is obviously still capable of getting media attention without having to pay to advertise in the media. I actually found notice of this Bloomberg article in the Huffington Post.

eric.zucker | 22 augustus 2015

Unfortunately a majority of articles are either incorrect, imprecise or outright misleading.

If this is the quality of today's press. It's appalling.

ken | 22 augustus 2015

They can't even get the "falcon wing doors" right.

eric.zucker | 22 augustus 2015

If they only revamped their online store as well... How about adding a Model X design studio?

ken | 22 augustus 2015


Grey Model S85 | 22 augustus 2015

Unfortunately, there are a lot of suckers out there who traded in their 85 or P85 in order to get the Autopilot features, some of which will NEVER happen such as the "come to me' feature in which the car, upon being summoned, will come to you in a parking lot. No government will ever allow this for at least 10 years.
Those of you that got sucked in by this promise are out of luck!

gordonbremer | 22 augustus 2015

Re: Grey Model S85 comments: the "come to me" feature was specifically stated as applying to private property. No government say-so there. "Suckers"? Why are you so negative?

carlk | 22 augustus 2015

Elon has said those features can be used on private properties such as your driveway or most parking lots. | 22 augustus 2015

@Grey Model S: What? Now I feel bad and it's all your fault. I told my wife and all my relatives that my car would drive itself in and out of the garage. I'm screwed. I feel like a sucker unless you are wrong. That's right. Wrong! I live in a gated community. The "government" will never know unless you rat me out. Don't rat me out.