Tesla S is the Yahoo car of the year!

Tesla S is the Yahoo car of the year!

Very exciting, what are your thoughts?

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GLO | 31 oktober 2012

Yeah, deserving! Can't wait for ours!

Swigg66 | 31 oktober 2012

A car that has not been out for that long, already
Being chosen over BMW, Audi, mercedez. That shows how great of a job tesla is doing.

Can't wait for mine!

reitmanr | 31 oktober 2012

Congrats to the Tesla Team!

David M. | 31 oktober 2012

Wow, 2013 Yahoo car of the year! I didn't know there was such a thing. I guess now there has to be a Google Car of the Year, and then an MSN Car of the Year, and finally an AOL Car of the Year.

Yay . .

toto_48313 | 31 oktober 2012

First award... other to come.. Great job Tesla, please continue!!! and deliver my car as soon as you can.

CAN P#5 (waiting for more than 3,5 years)

Brian H | 31 oktober 2012

Well written, very positive. But ... he conflates the Model X and GenIII!! "the forthcoming Model X, a four-door mini-ute that should be priced a bit downmarket from the S". Oops.

Brant | 31 oktober 2012

Typical of the press
very typical of the intranet press

Brian H | 31 oktober 2012

1,300 comments and counting! Partial reply to them:

Our selection of the Tesla Model S as Yahoo! Autos 2013 Car of the Year has stirred an overwhelming response online in just a few hours. While many agree, we thought it'd be best to tackle the criticisms from the commentariat in one place. If you think we're short-sighted, bought off or didn't think this through, this story's for you. Let's tackle them as they come; these are actual comments from actual readers:


electricblue0303 | 31 oktober 2012

Friggin' awesome - good job TMC!

MB3 | 31 oktober 2012

Thanks Brian for the link to Yahoo's reply. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.