Tesla SDK & Google Chrome support by end of 2014?

Tesla SDK & Google Chrome support by end of 2014?

While Elon was at a Tesla event in Germany ( Apologies, I don't know what the name of the event was ) an audience member asked Elon about app development. Elon went on to talk about having not only Google Chrome web browser support but also a possible SDK with support for a native android "emulator" by end of 2014. I'll let the video speak for itself, but I'm curious as to the thoughts of the forum members. Here is the link to the event video:

ks-man | 22 oktober 2013

I just saw this on Engadget:

This sounds great although it is surprising that it would come out this way. He says "considering" for some of it so I wonder just how official we should take it.

It certainly would be awesome of this comes to fruition.

gill_sans | 22 oktober 2013

Currently the Tesla browser uses Qt's web browser view called QtWebKit. Qt recently deprecated QtWebKit to replace it with a browser view derived from Chromium (the opensourced branch of Google Chrome). Qt haven't yet finished the transition, but the WebKit community has already removed all of the Qt support code, so anyone using the Qt web browser view will have to migrate or stagnate.

I doubt Tesla will ship a branded "Google Chrome experience," however. Also, I'm a little concerned that Tesla's new Chrome-derived browser will be slower in some cases than the current Tesla web browser. Chrome for Android isn't a very fluid experience on Tegra 3 tablets with high resolution panels (which is essentially the hardware in the Model S); scrolling with finger on touchscreen is frequently chunky.

Jolinar | 23 oktober 2013

It's pity that Elon did not responded for the first question about SuperChargers in Slovenia. Can we build our own SuperChargers in countries where Tesla is not considering it yet?

Brian H | 23 oktober 2013

Yes, buy 6 MS with dual chargers, remove the chargers, place in a charging unit, steal the connector from an SC in another country, figger out the wiring and software, and you're set!

Or not.

AmpedRealtor | 23 oktober 2013

From CNBC:

Tesla will likely at least open the car's native software to developers toward the end of next year, once the company finishes making some necessary upgrades and changes.

My cynical opinion says that Tesla is going to be upgrading its CPU systems next year, which will make an emulation layer possible, but that this will not be possible for existing customers on older hardware.

mrspaghetti | 23 oktober 2013


But I would be willing to bet older customers can upgrade for a reasonable price. It's only circuit boards, should be no big deal to swap out.

Gizmotoy | 23 oktober 2013

@mrspaghetti: If I recall correctly, the CPU system/display is one singular assembly... so it could actually be quite expensive.

mrspaghetti | 23 oktober 2013


Possibly, but the last time I bought a CPU/Motherboard combo from Fry's electronics I think it cost me around $99 (for a triple core processor with SATA 3 and SSUSB support). Granted, this may be more costly since it's a little more specialized, but if TM kept things as off-the-shelf as possible it could still be pretty cheap. I'm thinking the whole thing could probably be popped out & replaced for $500 ish.

Gizmotoy | 23 oktober 2013

Which they might very well do in the future. I was just referencing that currently, the entire assembly has a single part number. If your CPU dies, enjoy your entirely new touchscreen assembly! If you crack your touchscreen, you're buying an entirely new replacement computer system along with it.

Brian H | 23 oktober 2013

MCUs are being replaced in some cases to fix the nav problems.