Tesla on TV and in the Movies?

Tesla on TV and in the Movies?

Every time i see a fancy sedan ad on TV for a car, especially an "electric car", i cringe, because i don't want these cars to be more visible than THE best EV on the market. I know TM doesn't advertise and doesn't need to. Maybe they will, IF sales slow down a bit, but until then I have some ideas about getting our beloved car on TV.

There are numerous fabulous reality shows that restore cars, build custom cars and the like. I think Tesla should give these shows a sled with frame and wheels and let them create a fantastic car on top of it. Kind of an open source idea. The shows will really get car people excited about the technology. Personally i think the frame, the safest one in the world, should be licensed to all new vehicles to cut down the road carnage we have now.

Another great place to show off the car are the many TV shows, especially the police dramas taht would love to add a Tesla to the show, even for one episode, but a "police fleet", on a great show would be amazing.

Of course the car would also be great for a movie, especially one like "Fast and furious 9" or whatever it is now.

Product placement is one of the best promo vehicles, (no pun intended), and one Tesla could go a long way in promoting this car! :>)

Red Sage ca us | 11 april 2014

The Tesla Model S has appeared in at least one episode of 'ALMOST HUMAN' on FOX.

Brian H | 12 april 2014

I can see it now, a fleet of Tesla police cruisers silently boxing in and stopping a getaway car. I smashes into one to try and break free, and is thereby demolished, slightly denting the MS. Driver is bundled away, babbling in shock.

Brian H | 12 april 2014

typo: ... car. It smashes ...

ketanmd | 12 april 2014

A Roadster appeared on an episode of "Leverage".
It was maybe the second episode of the first season.
Sadly, they felt the need to add a sound as it drove away.

Nicoletta | 12 april 2014

Christopher Ewing drives a Model S in the tv series 'Dallas 2012'.

tools_webmaster | 18 juni 2014

Top Gear is the best car tv shows ever made. i recently watch an episode on

Red Sage ca us | 18 juni 2014

Tesla Model S is driven by scientist/industrialist Alec Sadler on 'CONTINUUM'. His sometimes partner, sometimes nemesis Matthew Kellog, drives a Fisker Karma.

mrdaniel | 18 juni 2014

Has anyone discovered which film/show the Sheriff car is being used for?

logicalthinker | 14 september 2014

Just the other day I saw a Tesla in a preview trailer for "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

centralvalley | 14 september 2014

There was one in an episode of "Royal Pains" recently. In fact, part of the dialogue went something like this:

"I saw a car drive away after your husband was shot the other night, and it did not make any sound. So, I thought the shooter was driving an electric car. And there is a Tesla parked across the street right now, and Teslas are all-electric automobiles--you must be the shooter!"

Product placement, and a plug (as it were!)

evelynsinatra | 11 februari 2015

Gorgeous Teslas on season 2 of Bates Motel :)

Juggernaut | 11 februari 2015

A Model S was won on The Price is Right. That was an extra special treat to see.. Can still find it on youtube..

Dwdnjck@ca | 11 februari 2015

"Property Brothers". On HGTV

rlwrw | 11 februari 2015

Over last weekend on "Right This Minute" they showed the "Insane" viral video accelerations.

Timo | 19 februari 2015

Every episode of Extant. Unfortunately they have dubbed a artificial "electric" sound as car sound in there. Model S does not make any audible sound (except tire rattle) at low speeds.

jack.g | 20 februari 2015

In at least one episode of Revenge, Emily Thorne dirves a Model S. In the first season of the new Dallas, I think that Christopher Ewing drove a Roadster.

purrdey | 21 februari 2015

Check out
Tesla Model S: "Gallons of Light" Commercial

TESLA - "Modern Spaceship" Commercial (HD) and his Tesla (Lost In Light - Lumen Isle)

Seira321 | 17 april 2016

I think at the 13:18 mark, there's a parked Tesla Model S on Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

topher | 5 mei 2016

I recall a Tesla on an episode of _Castle_.

Thank you kindly.

Tesla-David | 5 mei 2016

Tesla Model S (modified with projection camera) is also featured in documentary "Racing Extinction", and also features discussions with Elon Musk.

warren_tran | 6 mei 2016

I thought the roadster was in the movie Click by Adam sandlers?

AoneOne | 7 augustus 2016

In the penultimate episode of "Person of Interest", ".exe" Finch is driven to the airport in a driver-less Model S, piloted by "the machine."

jdanielp_uk | 8 augustus 2016

A Tesla Roadster was probably the best thing about the crime thriller Savages (2012).

A Tesla Model S featured briefly in the 'unique' comedy (The Brothers) Grimsby (2016).

T35LA | 21 december 2017

The Snowman (2017)


SO | 21 december 2017

There was one in the first kingsman movie.

joemar10 | 21 december 2017

I started a thread like this months ago and got some very good answers from forum members about Tesla's on TV shows. TeslaTap came up with a complete list of dozen's, if not hundreds of instances where Teslas appeared on TV.

stevenmaifert | 23 december 2017

On a recent episode of NCIS: Tim's pregnant wife Delilah goes into labor while Tim is away from home working a case. Abbey is seen rushing Delilah to the hospital in a classic red roadster ('32 I think?) through the streets of Metro D.C. and we get a brief glimpse of the left rear side of a parked Model S with the California HOV lane stickers clearly visible :) Ha Ha

kaffine | 25 december 2017

There is a Model S in a commercial for Autotrader. Shows the front grill and the door handles.

jordanrichard | 26 december 2017

A little while back on Curb Your Enthusiasim, Ted Danson had a new red Model S and it was a refresh MS. Larry asked to use it and then there was a scene where Larry got pulled over, but suddenly the car had the original nose cone......