Is there a full list of options for the Model S?

Is there a full list of options for the Model S?

I know about the battery pack options in the Model S. Is there a list of other options available, or are the options not finalized?

davidcjones | 26 juli 2010

When the Tesla team was here in Stowe, VT, they noted that an AWD option would be available for 2013.


dsm363 | 27 juli 2010

I don't think there will be a full list of options until next year closer to production but that's just a guess.

dsm363 | 27 juli 2010

I imagine the full list of options won't be out until next year (closer to production) but that's just a guess.

jkirkebo | 28 juli 2010

I'm interested in when an AWD Model S can be reserved. I'd like a 300 mile AWD version but was told no AWD cars can be reserved yet.

RWD is not a good option here in Norway ;) FWD would do, but probably not with that kind of torque...

trydesky | 30 juli 2010

The sales guy I spoke with mentioned the standard car would be fairly loaded. Mostly cosmetic stuff would be options, like a glass dome roof.

trydesky | 31 juli 2010

I was told by a Tesla rep that the base S would fairly complete as it relates to functionality. He thinks most options would be cosmetic, like a dome glass roof.

hteqiqi | 1 augustus 2010

Hi Good day!
I´d like in the future to enjoy :
audio-video system:sun vusor with 12"widescreen for co-pilot,21" idem for backseats,9"screen on headrest: all screen must be conected to a central pc and be able to operate with wifi keyborad individually or like common web,pretty good Hi-fi for general(little speakers and amplifiers but powerfull enough,properly hidden...The more simple the better) and individual wifi headphones (ergonomic,very tiny and rechargable.All this with several usb input-output conection for logical devices.
Logical freehand phone easy to use for the driver.
Also better climate system for cold and heat.
Also a good family van in next future.
What about some nince classy leds all around the car for the night?Low profile but beautifull and increasing security for night driving,like a poor UFO.
So We need really more power:

Se podrian usar paneles solares como chasis del coche en un futuro?
asi mejores motores bobinas en las ruedas para frenar produciendo energia?
asi como dinamos Recicladoras mas grandes en todos y cada uno de los ejes,usando 100% superficie,para optimizar rendimiento?
Hay estudios para aprovechar la perdida de energia en rozamiento de los neumaticos?Presion piezo-electrica

auti | 2 augustus 2010


an AWD Model S would be great!
Btw, I noticed, that there are no pictures from the rear of the car?

Best Regards

ChairLawyer | 2 augustus 2010

I haven't been able to see an 'S' pic with the doors open. Does anyone know if the rear door could be 'suicided' to allow the driver to physically pull a wheelchair into the back seat?

GrandPatou | 2 augustus 2010

What are the dimensions and weight specs of model S?

piajan | 6 augustus 2010

bliver der mulighed for at der kan monteres hængertræk på bilen?

Eric Eckardt | 6 augustus 2010

How is legroom for driver. I am 6'2" and I need to stretch

JD_Dayal | 6 augustus 2010

new question? sorry i tried creating a new topic but it wouldn't let me

My qustion is about he $5K deposit. Does the $5k go towards the sale of the vehicle or is it something we can not recoup?

Klaus | 7 augustus 2010

The 5k is fully refundable except for a $50 fee if you change your mind. And the total goes toward the purchase price.

rbellia4 | 8 augustus 2010

No pictures of the back seat? How does the car claim to hold seven passengers?

Dark_Elf | 9 augustus 2010

Well i just wondered if an option could be arranged with a mini camera as a rear mirror option ?
and maybe even the side mirrors as mini cams as well.. ?
just a wish of an option. A little nice to have...



jkirkebo | 9 augustus 2010

I wondes about the same thing as the danish guy, will there be a hitch and what will the tow rating be (in Europe, not the anemic american ratings) ?

Swartalfheim | 11 augustus 2010

How about a portable generator for recharging the car in an emergency in the middle of nowhere? I think that would be a great option.

trydesky | 11 augustus 2010

@rbellia4 - To get 7 passengers, they are counting 2 "jump seats" in the back, behind the back seat. I have not seen pics, but I'm guessing they are facing backwards. Although this is a sedan, it will be a "hatch-back".

Anonymous | 12 augustus 2010

I am 6'4, and I hope i fit into the car ;)
I also miss more pictures. At least on the owner site.
I have not seen any picture of the forward "trunk". (Under the hood)

How does the "engine" look like, and how does it work?

GrandPatou | 12 augustus 2010

Ooh.. and 1 more question: How can model S seat as many as 7 passengers(!) ?

Could we see a picture from the interior?


trydesky | 12 augustus 2010

@GrandPatou - RE: seating did you miss my post right above yours?

joshw | 13 augustus 2010

I actually wanted to ask a new question but couldn't start a new thread.

sassysmerk | 15 augustus 2010

Does anyone know if the interior is leather? I'm hoping it isn't! Or at least I hope there is an option for synthetic leather seats. Thanks!

Timo | 15 augustus 2010

@Swartalfheim, any standard portable generator can be used for that. There are already plenty of small enough generators that you can put in Type S trunk (there's plenty of space), there is no need for Tesla to make those. Some of those are actually quite cheap. Couple of jerrycans of fuel and generator at "middle of nowhere" is practical solution.

However, having combustion engine in car increases weight and complexity, so having that as permanent component of the car is not practical. It would be better to use those only when you know that you are driving long enough that you need recharging AND you will be in "middle of nowhere" where you don't have access to electricity (not many places in modern world).

Brian H | 20 augustus 2010

I think there's a lot more room in the S than the Roadster. As for the "engine", it's actually an electric motor about 110-120 lbs, about the size of a large watermelon. One moving part, the rotor. Very efficient!

All the S' batteries are under the floorboards, so they don't take up any passenger or storage space.

Roblab | 23 augustus 2010

Hi, folks.
Keep looking. There are pictures of the rear of the car out there. But, you need to remember:
The car in the pictures is not the final product. It was designed mainly for outside shape, and is built on a steel Mercedes frame. The battery is not under the whole floor, but is a Roadster battery behind the rear seats. There are no seats in the back, and the windows do not work. The screen was set up to show some GPS stuff, and was not functional.
That's why we are all waiting for the real prototypes. I hear they are working hard making these first validation prototypes, to have at the sales rooms around the world. They will more accurately reflect the future than the one crude prototype they have now.

Nvbob | 23 augustus 2010

From our stop at the Concours on August 14th:

Model S Ride-Along

and this.

Model S Liftgate


Unnefer | 29 augustus 2010

I believe the Tesla Model S will generate more power with lightweight flexable/foldable solar panels structured AS the roof/sunroof then you would without. I do not believe there will be any need to redesign, all that is needed is to fit durable panels in place of the roof windows. This much asked for and needed energy that can be used to power the LED/radio etc. & conserve the main battery for the electric motor.

Please do not take offense, we hopefully are all here to make the best out of a good thing.

Thank you for your time.

Brian H | 31 augustus 2010

Tiny amounts, way too expensive. Not worth the bother.

ChristianG | 1 september 2010

Damn I really like the glassroof :(. I'd really like to know what's in the 50'000$ Package, especially wich battery pack. because it's more like 60'000$ in Europe... So I probably can't spend too much extra money on 'upgrades'.

Timo | 2 september 2010

I have to say that my country is in stone-ages when it comes to car taxes. We have three different taxes, one when you buy a car, one annual tax, and one based on carbon emissions.

If I buy a car I have to pay ALL of those. Even that carbon emission one.

10% of the car price when bought
0.35e / day for as long as car is registered. 127.75 /year
minimum of carbon emission tax 19.35 /year.

Lucky that that last one is not based on car weight anymore.

I wonder how much that 300 mile version costs. And if I wait a bit longer can I get 400+ mile version?

EmperorTytus | 30 maart 2014

I'm sure, Timo, if you wait just a little bit longer you'll get that 400 - 500 mile range MS you've been pining for lo these many years. Still waiting? :p