Time Between Payment and Delivery of Model S?

Time Between Payment and Delivery of Model S?

My Model S rolled off the assembly line 2/6, and payment and all paperwork was finalized and sent on 2/14. I'm yet to receive an ETA on delivery; curious to hear others' experiences and how long it generally takes between payment and delivery. Thanks!

andrigtmiller | 22 februari 2013

I picked up my car on the 20th of this month. About three days after the initial delivery window closed, so not bad. I received the call to schedule the pick up (picked it up at the Denver service center) on a Sunday before that Wednesday, and I couldn't pay (paying by wire transfer) until the Tuesday because the bank was closed on Monday. I just brought my wire transfer receipt, and they can take a certified check on pickup too.

So, based on my experience they will schedule the delivery/pickup as long as you have done the paperwork, and the steps to say how you are paying.

tylerjhall | 22 februari 2013

Hmmm, so sounds like I should be scheduled by now since I made payment and finalized all paperwork over a week ago. Only difference between us is I'm getting it delivered to my home in AZ.

David Trushin | 22 februari 2013

Time delay between payment and delivery: 0. I handed them the check and they handed me the key fobs with the car in my garage charging.

kayalir | 22 februari 2013

Depends on the state. I'm in GA and Tesla can't accept payment in that state. Had to send a wire and it took exactly 1 week from payment completed (2/8) - car delivery (2/15). FYI, car was at Tampa SC on the 8th and it took several days for TM to get the vehicle on a truck to Atlanta.

July10Models | 22 februari 2013

You can call your delivery specialist to figure out where your car is. Tehy can schedule a delivery date once your DS track your car down.

tylerjhall | 22 februari 2013

Thanks for all the input. I'm in AZ so it's a similar situation to GA. I know the car is currently in San Diego, because I keep getting emails asking me to pick it up there. I would if there were superchargers en-route :). My DS says we're waiting on someone else to schedule the delivery (can't remember which team, but possibly logistics?).

David Trushin | 22 februari 2013

Sometimes they need to fill up a truck for the trip. Sorry you folks have so much trouble. From what i've read illinois is a breeze.

Brian H | 23 februari 2013

Consider using a KOA 50-amp connection. Slower, but sooner.

drp | 23 februari 2013


I am handing my check to the driver at the time of delivery so there is no delay between the two for me.

drp | 23 februari 2013

I am in Illinois by the way and it will be a single flatbed delivery

mikeadams | 23 februari 2013

2/8 Final MVPA received
2/9 Signed final MVPA and sent personal check
2/11 Told that my car was on its way to Chicago to be inspected and detailed (I am in Columbus, OH)
2/13 My bank shows transaction
2/15 Receive email from my PS that payment has been received, told it may take a couple days for the next truck to head my way
2/18 My new insurance coverage begins
2/20 Evening. Get a call from my DS and receive Illinois temp tag and title transfer documents. Still no definate date for a truck to deliver my car.
2/21 Return documents via FedEx. Told Saturday delivery likely, but to await call which should come at least 24 hours before drop off
2/23 this morning still awaiting a call to let me know my car is on its way :(

prints-r | 23 februari 2013

They didn't let me know about my deliver until the morning of the day of delivery !! You might call them to ask... communication is not good..

Lou in SoCal | 23 februari 2013

No delay for me either. Handed both my financing check and final downpayment when I picked up the car at the service center.

jackhub | 23 februari 2013

I wired the money on December 31, 2013 and the Model S was delivered to my home in Kentucky on January 11, 2013.

info | 23 februari 2013

I wanted to go to the factory to pick up the car. I got a call on Friday, Feb. 1, at 2 pm, that the car was ready. I had previously arranged with PenFed for a loan, but I now had a complete logistic problem. I was told I had to be in Fremont at 9 for delivery and tour. The plane from Long Beach left at 6:50 am. I couldn't get an overnight check before I left and since the admin offices of Tesla were closed on Sat. it couldn't be delivered there. In addition, PenFed's overnight requirement is 2:00pm and by the time I called them, it was too late. My contact, Terrell was great. He and I talked with PenFed and they faxed a letter saying I was approved and the check was in the mail. I brought a cashier's check for the difference and was given the car.

The guy at PenFed who is responsible for actually sending the check saw the note that the "check was in the mail" and figured he didn't have to send it because it was sent. 10 days went by and Tesla still didn't have their money. I got a call after day 5 and called PenFed and found out what happened. I picked up the car Feb. 2 and Tesla got their check Feb. 19.

I found everyone involved to be helpful and understanding. Of course since I've had the car for almost three weeks, if there was a problem with the check, I'd sell a kidney to keep the car.

azgolfer | 23 februari 2013

Tyler, if Tesla is using the same company that transport your S to AZ like mine, then you should get a call from them at least a day before they arrive in AZ.

The transporter fits 6 Model S, so they are likely waiting to fill it up before coming to AZ.

astrotoy | 23 februari 2013

Like many, I wrote the check (a personal check) to the delivery specialist after he unloaded the car in my driveway. He didn't even ask for any ID :-). I am in the SF Bay Area, about 30 miles from Fremont.