Tire repair kit

Tire repair kit

Does anyone know if the Tesla tire repair kit ($50 + $25 shipping) is substantially different/superior to the Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step kit that can be had at Walmart for $29.97?

Duffer | 29 januari 2013

Apart from the Tesla logo the appearance and operation seem to be identical.

HansJ | 29 januari 2013

Can we buy these from a Tesla store and avoid the 50% shipping cost?

BYT | 29 januari 2013

I'll check the next time I am there but I did buy it and wasn't paying attention to the higher shipping costs! :(

sagebrushnw | 29 januari 2013

Looks like the Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step kit at Walmart (and other places) is about the same as the Tesla tire repair kit ($50 + $25 shipping) but for $29.97.

Check it out:

rd2 | 29 januari 2013

Yes you can purchase the Tesla kit at any service center without the crazy shipping cost. But it appears the Walmart version is a better deal.

kalel65 | 30 januari 2013

19.99 at Sears

From Google search

kalel65 | 30 januari 2013

But check out some of the reviews on Amazon. Some raised serious issues

Duffer | 30 januari 2013

I couldn't find the Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step on Amazon. They do show the Fix-A-Flat product that basically fills the flat from an aerosol can, but the Tesla product (and the Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step) uses a compressor that runs from the 12-volt outlet. However, both seem to work by spraying a sealant into the tire. One of the negative reviews on Amazon said that the sealant ruined the air pressure sensor, requiring an expensive replacement. Any information about whether the Tesla sealant will cause this problem?

louisinc | 30 januari 2013

Amazon sell the slime 70005 safety Spare repair system for $47. Free shipping. It received great reviews.

sagebrushnw | 30 januari 2013

Walmart not only has the Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step kit for $29.97 but also has the Slime Digital Tire Inflator for $27.97

cbentinck | 30 januari 2013

Would using the Tesla kit mean that any damage to tire pressure monitor would be covered under warranty but not so if using a 3rd party kit? Seems only logical reason to buy from Tesla

stevenmaifert | 30 januari 2013

The Tesla Tire Repair Kit is certified for use with Model S. The others mentioned here may work just fine, but you won't know until you need to use it... which might not be the best time to find out. The Service Centers are starting to stock them. If you live near one, you could call and find out and avoid the ridiculous shipping charges.

JThompson | 30 januari 2013

I did use my Tesla Tire Repair Kit to help a damsel and her two sons air up a nearly flat tire at a rest stop...she called me her "angel for the day"!!

Duffer | 30 januari 2013

I've decided the Tesla kit is the way to go. My local service center has offered to order the kit and avoid the shipping charge. They'll call me when it arrives and I can go pick it up.

shop | 11 maart 2013

I take it the model S doesn't display the current tire pressure of the tires? It only has a warning if the pressure gets too low? I would check the manual, but the online Tesla manual on their website (through the My Tesla dashboard) appears to not be working.

Captain_Zap | 11 maart 2013
cerjor | 11 maart 2013

The tire sealant sold as Slime has different compositions. One of them claims to be safe for the pressure transducers.

Abby | 11 maart 2013

I just got my car. I can't believe that they don't give you a kit with delivery, since they don't give you a spare.
What would Tesla Ranger service do if you called them with a flat?

kiddidoc | 14 maart 2013

So... I did give them a call. Here is the bottom line. They, Tesla, would prefer you call roadside service in leu of using the tire repair kit as this may damage all tire inflation sensors. The repair kit is for EMERGENCY use only. Weather you use the Tesla one or another, it does not matter as they are the same and will do the same thing. Using the Tesla kit does not have anything to do with warranty. So... Tesla is saying: please don't use the repair kit unless you really really really HAVE to.

kyleket | 14 maart 2013

Wow, they'd rather drive 150 miles from Chicago to Madison to fix my flat?! I have the Slime kits in each of our cars:

Question is: Can I wait 2+ hours for them to reach me???

NKYTA | 3 april 2013

I just tried out my Tesla tire repair kit this morning to add a few PSI to the tires before a road trip tomorrow. I noticed that the kit shows about 2 PSI higher than my $15 tire pressure gauge, FYI.

2-Star | 27 juni 2013

I received my Tesla Tire Repair Kit today. There appear to be no written instructions other than the sticker on the front of the device. The On/Off Switch is hidden under the wire used to connect to the 12V outlet. It looks like the Black Tube alone is attached to the tire for filling only with air. If liquid sealant is necessary to repair the tire, the Black Tube is connected to the sealant bottle to provide pressure, and the Clear Tube is used to feed the sealant into the tire.

There's a little black left-pointing arrow on the top of the device, but no indication of its use. There's also a hole running through the middle of the device; not sure of its use. And there's a little rubber stopper hidden under the 12V wire. Under the stopper are two replacement parts; no instructions for their use.

It would be helpful if a simple instruction sheet were provided to explain all this in addition to the diagrams.

I haven't tried the Kit yet beause my MS won't be here for another few week.

Anybody know of any better instructions??