Trouble with Android App

Trouble with Android App

My app does not shut off after I use it. As a result, it uses a lot of processing power and battery. I then have to power the phone down and restart in order to get the app to stop. Since this forum has so many people smarter than me, could someone tell me how to shut the app down after use?

hnashif | 22 maart 2013

I have not had what you describe as far as power/battery on mt GS3. However, if I do not kill it, it will take a long time to re-connect to the car, if ever. On the other hand it works fine on Nexus 10 and within androVM.

Schlermie | 22 maart 2013

If you're running Android, hit the back button until you back out of the app and that shuts it down.

If you're on iOS, double-click on the round home button at the bottom of your device. That should pop up a list of apps icons you're running. Click and hold one of the app icons in the list until they start jiggling. Then click on the red circular symbol in the corner of the Tesla app icon to shut it down. There may be an easier way to do this in the newest iOS.

stevenmaifert | 23 maart 2013

I'm a newbie to smartphones, so I don't know if this works with other Android phones, but I have a Samsung Galaxy S III. I get out of the Tesla app by touching the back button in the lower right until the home screen appears. From the home screen I touch the menu button in the lower left. From that I touch the settings option and I can then scroll down to application manager. Touching that opens a screen that shows me all the apps running in the background. If I touch a running app, it gives me the option to shut the app down. The Tesla app does not show there if I back out of it as described above.

thxdude | 23 maart 2013

For iOS, there is no need to "close" the App. iOS does not allow Apps to run in the background once they are suspended by pressing the home button. Double clicking the home button twice and closing the recently launched Apps only does two things: remove them from the recently launched list and terminate a suspended Appfrom memory. Suspended App is just that: suspended in the background however it can not continue to run. Thre are only 7 APIs for background tasks allowed on iOS (just as audio streaming, finish a file download etc). If a suspended App is closed it will be removed from memory however suspended Apps are at the mercy of iOS to be swapped into and out of memory as needed on the device if needed. So, bottom line on iOS, Apple enforces the trump card on a suspended App even if its programmed incorrectly: it will be forced terminated regardless. If the App is poorly programmed and hangs on resume, the terminating of the App as you described will in fact terminate the App and force it to restart on the next App launch.

On Android, there are similar APIs available however there is no enforcement by the OS to force quit the App. The App here is responsible to correctly manage its behavior when "terminated". This does not consider the modifications OEMs make to Android which might alter Androids behavior.

So in the end, the issue sounds like there are some bugs on the Android side for the App which need to be addresses. The iOS App for me so far has been very stable so far. The only issues I have seen are some connectivity issues which have happened twice. The first one was server side and the second one was addressed by terminating the suspended App. So far, very happy with the iOS App.

jillianmichaels | 30 maart 2013

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David Trushin | 30 maart 2013

Just go to manage apps and force stop the app.