Are the Model S batteries upgradable? i.e. if a better battery technology rolls out, can we swap? A bit like filling up with higher grade petrol.

yilmaz1 | 12 juli 2013

Never mind, just watched the fast pack swap event. So I guess with new ones, we'll have better ones.

This is a great car. Can't wait to own one in the UK

Brian H | 12 juli 2013

That system will be implemented only if demand at the first few sites is strong enough. I think it may mostly allow TM to qualify for enhanced credits under a CA and US ZEV formula.

soma | 12 juli 2013

A question related to this -- if I buy the 60 kwh now because it suits my minimal range needs, perhaps in the future if battery costs drop or other module types become available, it can be dropped in? Has Tesla built the car for that possibility? Even simpler in the meantime, if I wanted the 85 kwh pack at one of these charging stations, could I swap that in (for an extra $ charge)?