USB can it be set to provide continuous 12v output

USB can it be set to provide continuous 12v output

Any thoughts on why the USB or aux 12v are not active when the Tesla is off? Would like the option of leaving my iPhone in the car to charge when parked.

shop | 5 oktober 2013

I believe the USB connection is on continuously, but the 12v plug is not. Thinking about it, there might be a way to rewire the fuse box to allow continuous 12v power on the 12v plug, but I haven't heard of anyone doing this.

Yes, for me, I use the 12v plug to recharge my ipad via an adapter, and it would be nice to have it always powered.

wbrown01 | 6 oktober 2013

All USB ports provide 5 volts DC, not 12v.......

barton.stl | 7 oktober 2013

Mr. Brown, thank you for providing more procession regarding USB vs. aux. port voltage.


Could you test for me your hypothesis that your Model S USB's continue to be live when the car is "off".


amneet | 10 oktober 2013

The USB does provide continuous power. I have left my iPad with about 40% battery left in my car overnight, and it recharged it completely. I have done it more often than I should.

AmpedRealtor | 10 oktober 2013

+1 amneet - I left my iPhone plugged into the USB port in the car and it was kept fully charged even though the vehicle was locked and dark. I love that!

GeekEV | 10 oktober 2013

@barton.stl - Yes, they stay on.

nvjx | 10 oktober 2013

It will probably be turned off with new 5.6 update to conserve battery power (unless you turn that feature off i.e.if you turn power conservation off). Just guessing, by the way.

phat78boy | 10 oktober 2013

Mine does not stay on. I've tried to leave my phone plugged in and it turns off a few seconds after the screen turns off. I have an android phone, I can easily verify this as there is a charge light on the phone.

I'm on the latest 4.5 software.

Barton.stl | 10 oktober 2013

Thanks all for the comments Will consult service and see if I can find out why some stay on and others not. Will post my findings

Thanks again

GeekEV | 10 oktober 2013

Get one of those USB powered lamps to verify visually from well outside the car. ;-)

Brian H | 11 oktober 2013

The drain from charging an iPhone would be far less than a mile. That's about 300Wh! The iPhone holds almost 6. >;p

teslaterje | 28 juli 2015

I have read about the 12 volt output loosing power when car is parked.

I just have solved the problem by mounting a so called power pack in between.
Then the input of power pack is charged each time the car is on, and the output from the power pack is always on.

In my dayly life this keeps my iphone and my blacberry passport always fully charged.

The power pack should have a capasity more than about 10000 mAh. It is not bigger than a mobil phone and does not make trouble in any way

Roamer@AZ USA | 28 juli 2015

Teslaterje, I do the same thing. I did have to find a back up battery that would charge the phone while also plunged in and charging itself. Not all back up power supplies will pass thru charge power while they are charging.