valet mode?

valet mode?

Is there a valet mode for the car? (e.g. can't drive more than 15mph or 1 miles total distance)? Haven't seen anything but thought I would ask.

c.bussert67 | 13 maart 2013

There isn't as far as I know. I had to valet in Vegas. It is actually one of the most fun things I've done with the car. I was nervous at first, but they all just loved the car. Be prepared for some Tesla time...
One thing they recognize is the shifter stalk from Mercedes. I'm actually glad they did that because it makes it easy for the valet to engage the car. There is a valet page somebody made a while back that you can load up on your center console. It gives thorough instructions on how to operate the S... I'll find it and post it here for you.
I would recommended setting the door handles to auto present. That was one thing that confused the valet returning the car a few times. They didn't know how to open the door!

c.bussert67 | 13 maart 2013
nickjhowe | 13 maart 2013
Shesmyne2 | 13 maart 2013

Where in Vegas? Planning a trip there in Apr in Blue P85, heard the Cosmopolitan has a charger, but heard you needed a Roadster to MS adapter elsewhere in these forums.

Did you actually let the valet drive it?!? Scary.
I think that I would have to insist I was in the car for the trip to the garage.

Any info helpful, thanks!
Still grinning ;-)

mattpressman | 14 maart 2013
c.bussert67 | 14 maart 2013

True, Cosmo does have tesla charger, so does Palazzo... But like you mentioned, they require roadster adapters, which they don't have. I made my reservationat Palazzo for the charger. They turned me to the Venetian to charge on the J1772 there. I asked at the desk there before I left if I came back would they be able to charge my car. Their reply was that they could accommodate me by letting me use an outlet... So call ahead, bring your UMC and hope for the best. The valet was really nice at Palazzo. I had no issues with them. I was really nervous, but by the second time there, they knew me and the car and were very polite and caring.
It will get better with time since the S can do the drive to Vegas, there will be more all the time. I plugged in at the Shoppes at Mandalay bay as well and when I arrived, there was another S using the first plug!
If you are nervous about valet, I would suggest staying at Mandalay bay. Their plug in is in the valet garage, so it is safe, but it is self serve! So you get the best of both worlds. I must warn you that I had charging woes at that location. Slow or dropped charges. Use the app, and make sure it is charging.
Hope that helps.

c.bussert67 | 14 maart 2013

Oh, and as far as 'where', check out this link. It has all the locations and notes on each one!

NOPetrol | 14 maart 2013

Audi now has valet mode...

Maybe soon Tesla can incorporate.

Shesmyne2 | 14 maart 2013

@CnJsSigP thanks for the info!

SamO | 22 mei 2013

dstiavnicky | MAY 22, 2013 NEW
Give me some suggestions on what the valet screen would say other than..

- we can remotely watch our car
- instruction on how to operate

Ideas please. Let's have some fun here.

riceuguy | 24 mei 2013

Valet mode is coming! Elon's response to the question on Twitter tonight:

@elonmusk can we please have valet mode in a near future software update? Thank you!

Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk 2h
@BeauAthia yep. Should have valet mode uploaded at some point in coming months.

cardiacclinic | 20 juli 2013

My android gets connectd and dial but I can't hear a thing. Mute is not the issue. I'm doing something wrong. Please help.

mrspaghetti | 20 juli 2013

No, the issue is not mute, it's that you are posting your question in the wrong place.

eddiemoy | 20 juli 2013

Valet mode is in the current version now. It is just not presented as an option. They will turn the option on by the end of the year per Elon at Teslive.