Vibration noise coming from the rear

Vibration noise coming from the rear

Hey there,

Shortly (about 2 weeks) after taking delivery, the car started to have some "vibration" noise coming from the rear, loud enough to be heard almost consistently when driving, even on normal roads. It can drive rear passengers nuts.

I think it comes from the rear windshield vibrating against the supporting plastic structure.

Is it a known problem?

Carefree | 9 oktober 2013

No, call your service center.

J.T. | 9 oktober 2013

Are you certain there's nothing in the side wells or under the rear floor that might be causing the sound? I had thrown my pressure gauge in the side well, I usually put it inside the UMC bag, and I heard a rattle I was sure coming from the pano. Took me two days to figure it out.

Fordy | 9 oktober 2013

Mine does the same thing. Its on my punch list and I expect my service call to take care of it. it is the plastic piece that the rear seat belts retract through.