Vladivostok, Russia > Sakhalin > Japan - Supercharger corridor! and open a Far East Showroom!

Vladivostok, Russia > Sakhalin > Japan - Supercharger corridor! and open a Far East Showroom!

Hello there,

I've thought of a brilliant idea of how we could get a bigger demographic for the Tesla Model S. As most of you are aware, the first 9 Model Ss were just delivered to Japan. The charge ports on the Japanese Tesla cars are the same as the ports found in the US

The US government and Russian government want to build either an underground tunnel or bridge connecting Russia to North America.

Vladivostok and Sakhalin have become a left hand traffic city officially, and 97% of the cars in the regions are from Japan. Basically, it's a small region on the east coast, everything there comes from Japan. Sooner or later, so will the Tesla electric automobiles.

The island of Sakhalin is a 5 hour ferry from Japan, and then there is a smaller ferry between Sakhlain and mainland Russia

Now, the average GDP per Capita in Sakhalin is now around $55k USD a year. Which means that, with the mother and father working, they could easily buy the Model S or the Model X as a family car, or take out financing on it as it is common practise in Russia.

So... why don't we start a Showroom in Russia? The Far East parts of Russia are RHD areas, literally, only the SIM cards onboard the car would need to be replaced, and I have personally replaced the SIM card on the Tesla which is behind the 17" screen. MegaFon, a Russian operator, allows any APN to be used and could easily roam in Japan

So what do we get? We get a car that users in Russia can buy free of tax (Russia has removed ALL taxes on Fully electric cars meaning that a Model S would cost cheaper if shipped from the US to Russia than if purchased in California), we get free charging and charging at home which costs much, much less than gasoline and we get the option (hopefully) to like Norway, have Electric Vehicles get free ferry tickets, meaning that Japanese Tesla owners can drive to Russia and hopefully as the infrastructure involves further West.

Oh, and let's not forget that the tunnel could mean that Americans too could drive into Russia, and then via the Supercharger corridor make it to Japan, FREE OF CHARGE.

There are a few notable, frequently visited restaurants and hotels in Sakhalin, which I contacted Tesla about asking for them to put US/JP spec chargers on, no reply.

I see no point in putting European chargers in the Eastern Areas as it is impossible due to the roads to get to the Western part of Russia, and most cars would be from Japan/US anyways.

If anyone knows who I need to contact about this, I would be willing to actually invest, and hopefully get around $500,000 to start a showroom. Can anyone forward this?


Raixie | 13 september 2014

You are Elon... :-)

420weblazeit | 13 september 2014

Raixie, indeed I am! It's the crazy people that suceed! haha

petochok | 13 september 2014

You can't invest in, and start a Tesla showroom as all Tesla stores are company owned. There have been privately organized presentations in the Ukraine, and privately funded movements to install charging infrastructure in Moscow.
Your official affiliation with Tesla will be limited to working in their showroom instead of owning one. That is if/when they decide to expand into the Russian market. My guess is that Moscow will be the first, and a very isolated market, initially.
What American would want to drive a Model S into Russia? Majority of the country's population lives below poverty line, and crime rates are out of this world compared to traveling across the U.S. Think "Boomer", and imagine if those guys were in a Model S instead of a 7 Series.

Svenssons | 13 september 2014

I'm more thinking on a road trip from Sweden/Europe to Thailand/Asia. The cars in China share the same charge ports as in Europe and the main electricity in all countries are the same between Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Laos and Thailand (220/230V 50 Hz "Schuko" and 380/400V 50Hz 3-phase). Tesla will also build 400 charger stations in 127 cities in China and will have large part of Turkey covered the next year so it looks promising.

Svenssons | 13 september 2014

PS: Russia also share the same main electricity and plug types as rest of Europe. Russian Teslas will probably have same charge port as rest of Europe and China.

Brian H | 13 september 2014

Your right-left statements seem jumbled. US is LHD, right-hand traffic flow.

centralvalley | 14 september 2014

I have not heard of this putative tunnel or bridge spanning the Bering Strait.

I doubt seriously that there is anyone in these United States who would want any easy connection between Russia and the US.

bhertaus | 14 september 2014


420weblazeit | 25 september 2014


You can't invest in, and start a Tesla showroom as all Tesla stores are company owned <- There is a man who works with Tesla to deliver Model Ss in Greenland, he owns a dealership and delivers via it.

Also, you have never been to Vladivostok, it's rather peaceful, bandits exist everywhere. In fact, there are more in the predominantly-Hispanic areas of California, and in Mexico.
What you are thinking of is Moscow.

Brian H, I know ;) What I meant was that the Far Eastern part of Russia has changed, and now drives on the left, instead of the right like the rest of Russia, Europe and most of the world

Svenssons, it is difficult to drive into China as each province requires you to contact them (via the embassy, before entry into China), and requires you to have a transit license plate and a tour guide

However, it does sound like a good idea, and most Right Hand Drive Teslas (think Laos, Thailand) sold in Hong Kong are actually UK Teslas with roaming enabled (as are all European Tesla cars), so something would have to be done to allow a UK Tesla owner to drive to Asia without the 3G being interrupted.

On another note, Ukraine, out of all the EU countries, at present only has Visa-free (well, you get 90 days stamped into your passport at arrival) arrangements for British passport holders. And I've driven in ICE cars to Ukraine from the UK to Ukraine with heating on 24/7 (not a care in the world about fuel economy, mostly comfort) and can tell you my feet were frozen (during the winter) and the journey is far too long (requiring a hotel stop, personally I took one in Poland) - Right Hand Drive in Ukraine is also a no-no.

Why did I bring Ukraine into this? Because it's not part of the EU, like Turkey, and the two countries are moving away from EU citizenship, meaning extra Visa issues.

Perhaps after the Asian roll out of Tesla, it would be a good idea to introduce a EU-to-US and/or a US-to-EU Supercharger adapter?

DTsea | 25 september 2014

You will never see a tunnel under the Bering sea. Too seismically active and too little traffic.

Plus too expensive. Plus Alaska is only very lightly connected to the rest of the US by road.

petochok | 25 september 2014


No one is stopping you from buying a bunch of cars and shipping them to a country of your choice. You can even call yourself a dealer if you choose to resell the cars on your own.
Why would you waste time sharing your dreams on a public forum instead of actually investing your personal capital into building your dealership's inventory?

"Also, you have never been to Vladivostok"

Yeah, um... also, you should not make assumptions about random people on the internet concerning their past or present places of residence, or travel history for that matter.
Silly tunnel idea aside, my original argument still stands that no sane American would, or should choose to drive an electric car across Russia in its current economic state.
A quick read on may yield a description of the region as normal/safe when interpreted by a local, but paints a totally different picture to a foreigner.

Brian H | 25 september 2014

It used to be called Manic Phase.

Al1 | 26 september 2014

There're neither roads nor people living. I bet colonies on Mars will come before.

Svenssons | 27 september 2014

@420weblazeit: I know you need a guide driving through China but it is possible even if it cost more. It is a cost I'm willing to take then superchargers exists across China. I guess a lot more European cars are traveling to China and Russia than american cars just because it is easier to take a car from Europe than from USA to Russia and China.

Laos have LHD, right-hand traffic flow just like majority of Europe or China and USA for example. Take a look at this map:

Don't know why you try to drag political issues into the discussion but it does not looks like Ukraine is moving away from rest of Europe, nor is Turkey. Neither Turkmenistan nor Uzbekistan require visum for EU citizens. The same with Thailand and none of these countries are going to members of EU.

Probably only US and Japan will have US type of superchargers and I don't think a lot of people will take their Teslas from US or Japan to countries with non-US type of supercharger or vice versa. China already have European type of superchargers and Russia will probably also have the same type of charger.

420weblazeit | 29 september 2014

TSLAholic, I am British-born but Russian speaking. I can assure you as a foreigner, American, Chinese or North Korean, you will be safe. I do not posses capital to invest, else, that's exactly what I would be doing

Svenssons, my mother is Ukrainian, and I can tell you from her relatives who are within the higher ranks of the government, Ukraine is moving further away from the European Union.
Turkey is also throwing protests and I doubt it will join the EU. Any common sense country would vote against it.

But, thanks for your information Svenssons. I think Tesla should reach out to the government of various countries (Russia, CIS countries, Thailand/Laos) and get Model Xs and the Model III distributed there to allow for a Supercharger infrastructure to be viable.

Roaming on Export/Russian-bound cars need to be enabled. I believe Canadian versions of the Model S are infact AT&T cars which have roaming enabled. Therefore, all those wishing to import a car to a non-supported region should have gotten a Canadian version only it came out after the European/Export market version came out. Tesla could release a update like they did for some German cars that would ultimately switch AT&T and European SIM cards over to Russian SIMs, but a deal with a major player would need to be signed, for example, Yota who offers 4G LTE (albeit in certain regions within the city only, and uses other 3G carriers outside of the town)

Pungoteague_Dave | 29 september 2014

Have you ever seen the Russian dash cam videos on YouTube? No fine car should ever be subjected to that region excerpt confined to major cities.

One of my motorcycles, a BMW adventure bike, is currently on a ship enroute to Latvia for an upcoming ride across Russia, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Mongolia, and China, to Hong Kong. We expect it to finish the ride completely trashed. Roads in eastern Russia and western China are often just suggestions, impassable except by high clearance vehicles. Tesla is not gonna happen there. There must be electricity for charging stations to be installed. A lot of towns there rely on local generators.

Brian H | 30 september 2014

"excerpt confined to" -- what accent is that? ;D