Warranty repairs and Ranger service

Warranty repairs and Ranger service

I live far from a service center (180 miles) and I am debating what service plan to go with. I don't mind making the haul once yearly for the annual inspection at all, or even an occasional trip for an issue. However, I am fully expecting to have many of the other issues I see on the board here when I take delivery next month, like roof leak, glass cracks, etc. These are warranty repairs I presume so given my distance, will they provide a ranger for these warranty repairs free of charge or will I need to put up $100 for each time here for any reason??

teslamonkey | 12 juli 2013

I have the same question. The extended warranty indicates Ranger Service is $100 per call.

However, isn't warranty service pick up the car at your house?

cfOH | 12 juli 2013

I live 120 miles from the nearest Service Center, and Tesla's "valet" service only applies to customers within 50 miles of an SC, so I felt it was useful to buy the "all you can eat" Ranger service option for the 8 years I plan to own my MS. Do I think they'll build an SC closer to me in the interim? Yep...they better! :-) Then I'll just enjoy the fact that they can service my car while I'm at work.

mallynb | 13 juli 2013

Where does it say Valet Service is limited to 50 miles?

cfOH | 13 juli 2013

@mallynb I was told that by two different Tesla reps, one in person and one over the phone. Might not be true, but that's what I was told.

teslamonkey | 14 juli 2013

So is there a difference between "Valet" service and "Ranger" service?

Is Valet service included with the basic warranty?

AlMc | 14 juli 2013

Teslamonkey: Based on what I heard from the live feed at the TESLIVE event, the new head of service indicated valet was available to everyone. Not sure if there is a mileage limitation. Ranger service is a different subject.

GeekEV | 14 juli 2013

I've had several free ranger visits. It's at the discretion of your service advisor. Be nice, be flexible. In my area they make frequent trips up here anyway, so I just ask to piggy back off an existing service call. Haven't had to pay yet. :-)

cfOH | 14 juli 2013

Well, even in my most demanding moments, I don't think I'd expect them to "valet" a car 120 miles to me for free.

SamO | 28 augustus 2013


If the car is undrivable, then they flatbed to a SC & you rent a car under the warranty? They then deliver the car back to you?

If the car has warranty work that requires Ranger or SC visit, but is drivable, who is responsible for getting it there?

Will they come 200 miles (as we are) from a SC?

RD7 | 30 augustus 2013

I spent quite a while talking to my local service manager about this, as I paid for the unlimited ranger service and there was NO implied distance limits in the service agreement. Nevertheless, he says it is up to the local service manager. They will judge this based on the severity of the problem. In my particular case my headlights were aimed way too high (which I verified relative to the factory specs which they provided) but the service manager did not see this as critical and would not come get the car. I had to wait until I was in the area and could bring the car in. While they have now brought my car back to me twice (~ 85 miles, once on a flatbed, once driven) beware that unlimited ranger service is definitely limited. Thankfully, we have been able to come to a mutual understanding each time, but the service agreement language set expectations that Tesla, with their limited resources, are not prepared to meet.

mario.kadastik | 30 augustus 2013

Hehe wonder if that 50 miles comes with a country clause :P Tesla has mentioned they will open likely in 2014 a SC in Helsinki. Tallinn is across the bay and the distance is <80km (50 miles). So ... if I have trouble in Tallinn will they take a ferry over and bring me a P85 as a loaner? :D

romainiacWV | 31 augustus 2013

So per my most recent talk with Tesla it is true that the "valet" service is being limited to 50 mi. Totally understand the need for this after explanation but cannot believe they are not updating their website to reflect this

thranx | 31 augustus 2013

@mario.kadastik: lol!

Seriously, I could see some issues with Customs here.

mario.kadastik | 31 augustus 2013

@thranx: no customs issues. Within EU it's all the same union so no customs. Yet I still expect them to be puzzled for a moment and then refuse ;)

Tâm | 31 augustus 2013

I am not sure Tesla "valet" is the traditional sense of take your key and car drive it away, then drive it back to you with the key.

I think it is more like a "shuttle" service. Another nice name for taxi service. But they don't come to your house, take your key and car away then return it to you. They only take the human, not the machine!

On the other hand, "Ranger" service may be more equivalent to traditional "valet". Ranger would come to your house, take your key, fix your car onsite, if not doable, they would tow it away, then return it back to your home, work, office...