Was Dick Van Dyke car that burned today a Tesla Model S?

Was Dick Van Dyke car that burned today a Tesla Model S?

Was the car Dick Van Dyke that burned on the 101 freeway a Tesla Model S? The roof and wheels (19") of the burnt vehicle sure do look like a MS.... I saw the image on the news with the burnt car on a flatbed.....

njelectric | 19 augustus 2013

No. News report I saw says it was a Jaguar.

cfOH | 19 augustus 2013

Great. Now I have the theme song from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" stuck in my head. :-/

andex23 | 19 augustus 2013

Yep, NJ is right. Jaguar XJ, love the tail lights. First one I've seen in the burnt umber color...looks odd. | 19 augustus 2013

Dick should switch to the S -- Style & class without the fire risk of gasoline.

AmpedRealtor | 19 augustus 2013

Dick Van Dyke is still alive?

J.T. | 19 augustus 2013

Just married a 28 year old I think.

J.T. | 19 augustus 2013

Sorry, 40 years old.

AmpedRealtor | 19 augustus 2013

Wow he is looking good for his age!

mrspaghetti | 19 augustus 2013

Heh, I like the comments after the article. Someone wrote, "Oooohhhhh Rrroooooobbbb..."

J.T. | 19 augustus 2013

@Amped Yes, he does, which is why he married his make-up artist.

CalabasasKid | 19 augustus 2013

Happened right by my house.

JohhnyS | 19 augustus 2013

I saw the car on the flat bed this afternoon when I was returning from Thousand Oaks in our model S. Also saw 10 model Ss and a roadster driving through L.A.

Brian H | 19 augustus 2013

He's 87.

thranx | 20 augustus 2013

Van Dyke's actual tweet following the incident: "Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!"

PaceyWhitter | 20 augustus 2013


I wouldn't buy it, it might be hot.

Theresa | 20 augustus 2013

Pacey, LOL that was great!

Mathew98 | 20 augustus 2013

It's about time for him to 'Jag off...

EcLectric | 20 augustus 2013


I laughed at that for five minutes! Thanks! If you remember an old commercial, you can get it unstuck by singing "By Mennen" in your head.

TikiMan | 20 augustus 2013

Yup, that is really bad press for Jaguar! Never mind, he was driving one of their more expensive high-end sedans.

It just goes to show why the MS got such a high NTSB rating… NO explosive liquids!!!

Epley | 20 augustus 2013

That's chitty, really chitty. Poor Dick Van Dyke.

olanmills | 20 augustus 2013

I didn't know he was still alive.

Captain_Zap | 22 augustus 2013

Somebody should offer Dick Van Dyke a test drive in a Model S now.

bbmertz | 23 augustus 2013

I too saw his burnt out car being put onto a flatbed truck and live near the "rescuer." I'd be happy to give DVD a ride in my MS!

dstiavnicky | 23 augustus 2013

I'm not sure what's more surprising... that he's still alive or that he knows how to tweet!?!

Bighorn | 23 augustus 2013

He can also "drive" a flying car, that he happens to love.