That was easy...

That was easy...

Sig #1101 - Took Delivery on Dec 7th at 2:30 pm

Sig Red
Pano Roof
21” Wheels
Tech Package
Body Amor
Sound Studio

Yep... it was amazing. I have never felt a car drive like that. Such handling is a marvel on wheels. I could spend hours looking at the screen and learning new things. Imagine what will happen when I get the software upgrade. My mind is blown every time I sit inside and witness the future of driving right now.

I couldn’t wait to share that experience with my wife. She jumped in along with my youngest son and we where off. She pushed (touched?) every button she could get her hands on. You hear such varied stories about the sound package. She is an audiophile who takes here listening experience seriously. She was simply giddy at the sound quality. The low level bass that isn’t loud and intrusive, but subtle and deep. She told me she still can’t believe how quiet it is. Questioning if it’s even on. The “sniper car” as she affectionately calls it. Feeling the acceleration was such a rush to her. With a smile she said, “I think I could like driving this.” She has yet to get behind the wheel... I know she’ll have to work her way up to that. After a trip to the mall and dinner we headed home. (not without a planned stop at Dairy Queen... no they were no allowed in the car ;) On the drive home she said, “Yeah... I want one.”

That was it...

Last night it was web time. She surfed any and every video she could find on the Model X. (More of an SUV lover that I) She is already a forum member and as of late (the last month or so I think) really started immersing herself in the Model S. She’s a smart woman and wants to be informed and educated rather than “stumble” through things.

So I ask you, has this happened to anyone else? What started as one purchase has quickly and EASILY turned into another sale for Tesla. I can guarantee the $7500 tax credit goes to an X. How can I deny her that? The fun of reserving the car in your name. Reading the forums that are designed for your vehicle. Hearing about the progress they’ve made and what new develops. (over the LOOONG wait) Tesla... I see what game you’re playing at. Sure, I’ll put out this amazing thing that everyone will love. Why not... once you’ve let someone else taste it, they’ll want the same snack. It’ll spread, and spread, and.....

That was dirty Tesla... REEEAL DIRTY!

Cattledog | 8 december 2012

Great Review! Congrats.

Whity Whiteman | 8 december 2012

like +1

still have to wait for that experience a couple months

pilotSteve | 8 december 2012

@ ViewAskew - wow, your wife must have been 'psychically' connected to my wife. We did EXACTLY the same thing, four days after taking delivery of my Sig-S. Its in her name and she was so excited to get the reservation confirmation email.

btw, DQ is our favorite treat stop. Gotta add that to the list this weekend.

Nikola Tesla must be smiling at us from the afterlife. Multi-Phase AC rules!

“The future will show whether my foresight is as accurate now as it has proved heretofore.” - one of many great quotes from

portia | 8 december 2012

maybe we can add to this thread people who redered a Tesla after seeing yours? or maybe anew thread.
I mentioned elsewhere that my father ordered his after seeing, not driving, mine.

dstiavnicky | 8 december 2012

My wife was also 'iffy' on the whole electric car thing. We have always driven very high end luxury cars, sports cars and SUVs and I really wanted to try something different and exciting.
Within moments of sitting in the car on the test drive she decided she wanted us to have one. We are waiting for delivery and already she is referring to it as 'her car'... I wonder when Tesla will make their supercar, I'm ready to order that for myself now.

Getting Amped Again | 8 december 2012

Global comment to married guys - "Wear the pants!" You suffered through the wait and took the risk. She needs to politely ask for the fob while you're watching football.

Please don't flame me - I'm kidding (sort of).

GLO | 8 december 2012

As the wife who is getting the MS and iffy husband, he still feels that thisis ONLY an " on town" car. We take delivery in Jan (we hope), it remains to be seen whether he'll feel differently after we get it! LOL!

tvntesla | 8 december 2012

You know, after 5 days with the car and my wife has also driven it, I come to a conclusion that you get two cars paying only for one. It's a family sedan, with high level of safety and kid seats and can be set to feel like a family van (high suspension, soft steering wheel, range mode, etc.) and wife loves it. But when I drive, I set it like a sport car (low, sport steering, performance, etc.) like a Porsche. And the best part is I don't feel a bit of guilt getting it accelerate, like when driving an ICE car burning bloody and expensive oil and polluting the environment. Anyway, I am glad Tesla charged me only for one car :)