We took our first family road trip this weekend, here is how it went:

We took our first family road trip this weekend, here is how it went:

Took delivery of my pearl white P85 last thursday. While there have been a few challenges, it has been an incredible experience!

My wife and I took our 2 boys and daughter on a trip this weekend, we got back a few hours ago. Our two boys (5 and 2) rode in the jump seats (one of the best options you can get!) and loved every second of it. They had a blast, and it was funny to see peoples faces when they drove by and saw two kids facing them from the "trunk" and waving.

We started from southern MA and drove all the way up to the supercharger in milford ct. It was really neat getting to use those for the first time. In a weird way, you feel like they were made just for you. They worked perfectly as can be expected.

Of course, someone was stopping by every 5 minutes to ask questions. I think thats one of the most interested parts about owning a model s. Both the questions people ask and the way they respond to your answers. It a ranges from people that already know what it is (or in some cases on the fence about buying) all the way to people that almost dont want/think its possible for it to be a "real" car. But, the conversations always end the same. Everyone wants one. So far, I got two emails from folks I met that have placed their reservations from just us talking this weekend.

On the way back through the northbound supercharger, we got to meet a few other model s owners. Again, a neat experience. Everyone has a different story about what made them decide to get one, and they are happy to share. Its like being in a secret club. One model s pulled up next to us and we both looked at each other and both got out of the car at the same time, and walked over and shook hands and introduced ourselves. It was really cool.

We own a number of exotics (f430, R8, Evora, etc) and at 27 I have been known to drive "a little" above the speed limit :) For this trip, and one of the first times in my life, I drove 65 the entire way! And I enjoyed every second. At first it was almost like a game to see how efficient my energy usage could be, but over time, I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the ride. But, not the speed or sound like I usually do in my other cars. Just the ride itself. It was awesome.

For anyone thinking of buying one I would tell this. I have literally never been happier with a purchase. Everything from the value of the product to the people that stand behind it. For example: I picked mine up out of the boston service center last thursday. At the time I got it last week, they did not have my 3m there to install yet.

But I wanted it anyways so I picked it up as soon as I could :) As luck would have it, the 3m showed up the day after I took it. When I told the service team that I am flying out tomorrow (monday), they offered to come pick it up from my house tomorrow, bring it back to install it, then bring it back to my house so its back before I get home in few days.

Who does that? Really think about, where do you get service like that these days?

Anyways, I could go on and on about everything I love about owning this car. But most of its been covered here by all the fantastic writers. If you made it this far, thanks for reading :)

jjaeger | 24 maart 2013

josh - excellent trip report - and completely agree on many of the new experiences. My wife and I did our first road trip from Bay Area to Phoenix a couple of weeks back - and it was excellent on all fronts. As has the whole ownership experience. Here's to you & your family enjoying many more ventures in your MS.

swysechoice | 24 maart 2013

Great report. Took delivery of P85 Black/Black loaded in Dania Beach lsat Mon. Driven 350 mi and really love the car. We hear the words Gorgeous or Beautiful nearly every time we are in it. Live in Naples, Fl. Like you own I am a car enthusiast and own a lot of cars (like 24) and would choose this car to drive over any of them. Look forward to taking a longer trip and will report back when it happens.

Lastrock625 | 24 maart 2013

Thanks everyone! There is something so satisfying about taking a trip and driving by all the gas pumps. Not to mention, not spending a dollar for travel!

models60 | 24 maart 2013

Great trip report, thanks for sharing. This Wednesday, I will become a proud owner of ModelS and absolutely looking forward to our road trips.

Brian H | 24 maart 2013

You could've gone on for pages and not lost one reader eyeball.

Lastrock625 | 24 maart 2013

Thanks Brian!

cerjor | 24 maart 2013

jjaeger: Where did you charge between LA (or vicinity) and Phoenix?

Mark E | 24 maart 2013

Encouraging feedback josh!

I've heard that Australian deliveries won't be until next year. Stories like this make the waiting much harder.

DFibRL8R | 25 maart 2013

Absolutely agree about the unexpected pleasure of driving modestly (speed wise) but still enjoying the journey more than in an ICE vehicle. I find the planning of a road trip very enjoyable and love the feeling of traveling such a tremendous distance with such little energy used/money spent. I have found that maximizing range and travel planning are a fun challenge as opposed to the "range anxiety" feeling that some have discussed.

breading | 25 maart 2013


Thank you for sharing your experience.

I agree with the enjoyment of cruising at a modest speed. Not long after taking delivery we went on a road trip with our two boys (8 and 6) in the jump seats and our daughter (2) as well. However, we don't have the advantage of superchargers here in the Midwest just yet; so, instead of 65 we kept it to a more modest 60.

I wrote up the details (a few more than you Josh!) about our trip on here.

noel.smyth | 25 maart 2013

Great report, thanks!
I have over 4k on my S now (just over 2 months). I took a road trip from home (philly burbs) to NYC and back yesterday. Parked in midtown garage for about 6 hours and got a free fillup. I calcuated my fuel cost for the 224 mile round trip to be $4.23 cents. Thats truly amazing and when the Telsa team makes the Gen 3 in a few years, (years spent ironing out the kinks in the delivery process and building more charging infrastructure), look out - this can be, and likely is a game changer. The car has been flawless and I love to drive it daily.

SedonaEd | 25 maart 2013

jjaeger: Ditto. How did you charge from the Bay Area to Phoenix? I know there is a supercharger in Barstow, and that could get you as far as maybe Knigman, but then what?

stealth_mode | 25 maart 2013

Sounds very enjoyable!
Driving 60mph on european Highways (even Switzerland limit 75mph) is
considered a traffic-hazard though;-) (don't even think of Germany)
that is why we need a LOT of SC locations in Europe...
still - I can't wait for delivery
P1265 EU

Brian H | 25 maart 2013

Elon recently said the GenIII will sport some amazing new technology.

The MS will be outdated! ;(

breading | 25 maart 2013


Going 60 mph can be a road hazard here in the US as well. I almost got run over by a Semi-truck when I pulled over into the fast lane which appeared empty when I checked. I am going on a shorter road trip in a couple of weeks and even though the leisurely speed was in some ways relaxing, I will be taking full advantage of the ability to use up the battery a bit faster!

Lastrock625 | 25 maart 2013

The Tesla Service Team picked it up today to put on the armor, as promised. In fact the Service Manager (Matt) came out himself to get it. They continue to amaze me.

But i already miss it. Is it weird to miss a car? Especially after a day? :)

jjaeger | 25 maart 2013

cerjor & SedonaEd, trip was SCs down I5 (they're phenomenal), cut over to Barstow and did a Range charge there. 216 miles to Kingman and since it was late evening, Kingman KOA Kabin that was recommended by William9 worked perfect. My wife was happy with a bed and bath and the MS was good with the 14-50 that they charged me $7 for. Awoke to a full charge and an easy 200+ mile drive to Phoenix.

The rumored SCs at either/both Kingman & Blythe will make for a long day trip that will be within epsilon of a gas engine run.

SedonaEd | 26 maart 2013

jjaeger: Thanks much for the info on the Kingman KOA Kabin. Sounds like a plan for when we take a trip to CA!

jjaeger | 26 maart 2013

No problem. Think they only have three of the fully equipped Kabin units, so plan in advance. On the way home, i was by myself (wife had business so flew home day before), so went with their basic unit (4 walls with a mattress) that for $25 was fine w/ me. The KOA folks there are Tesla knowledgeable and friendly.