What? 240 mile range? Forget it!

What? 240 mile range? Forget it!

"In fact, every element of Model X – from the interior to the falcon wing doors – either lives up to or surpasses the prototype we initially unveiled."

It only gets better, it's now EPA estimated at 250 miles :)


Red Sage ca us | 17 september 2015


LauraTesla | 17 september 2015

I don't believe EPA and range are the same thing. These reports mix up facts all the time. 240 range I think was reported as 80-90 EPA.

NumberOne | 17 september 2015

Actually this has an EPA rated range of 240 miles or as LauraTesla is saying a fuel efficiency equivalent of 89-90mpg (mpge).

ian | 17 september 2015

More frontal area, more weight. Can't ignore physics, it's going to have less range than an S.

Roamer@AZ USA | 17 september 2015

The order page says 250 EPA estimated.

Tâm | 18 september 2015


Here's the webpage retrieved by NigelM from TMC forum.

Tesla does say "250 miles range (EPA estimate)"


FelixMendeldog | 18 september 2015

‘MPGe’ is one the most idiotic comparisons ever devised.

NumberOne | 18 september 2015

I have to agree with FelixMendeldog on the MPGe thing, but that is what the 89-90 was referring too. We can ALWAYS count on the media to spread erroneous information.

As for as range of Model X, if we use Model S as a model then the Model X range should be similar

The P90D has an EPA estimated range of 268 miles and the 90D a range of 286 miles. The difference is approximately 18 miles. Using an over simplified formula, the standard production Model X 90D should then have a range of between 265 and 268 miles. Since there is so much speculation on this forum, I thought to throw this in.

Note that the Model S P90D and the Model X 90D has the same range. There is no question that the Model X has slightly less range than Model S, but it is not that big a difference. Only 18 miles or so.

jordanrichard | 18 september 2015

That range listed is for the 90D above is probably for the performance version. Just as the P85 had less range than a S85. So before people start throwing the baby out, wiith the bath water without opening the freakin' window, let the smoke settle and see what the final specs are for all available version of the X. Just 1 1/2 more weeks.

NumberOne | 18 september 2015

Just to throw in an additional 2 cents, the standard, production Model X will likely have a higher rated range than the performance version. The range stated above for the Model X signature version is less than that of the P90@ Model S (253 miles vs 268 miles.) 11 days to go.

Jolinar | 21 september 2015

MPGe is one of the best units ever created. Thanks to it, you can compare energy efficiency of any 2 cars directly regardless of its powertrain... You can compare gas cars vs hydrogen cars vs electric cars and so on.

Sure it does not say anything about the cost of energy, but that is not its purpose. For this, there is e-gallon, but this is tax/time/location/etc-specific and vary widely on many factors.

Red Sage ca us | 22 september 2015

Jolinar: My perspective is the opposite... It seems to me that MPGe is a financial calculation, rather than an energy equivalent. That is, the amount of energy contained in a single gallon of gasoline is approximately 33.7 kWh. So, a 90 kWh battery pack holds the rough energy equivalent of ~2.67 gallons of gasoline. Since the Model X will have a combined range of 250 miles using that energy, it should have a combined MPGe of 93.6, or 94 MPGe. Don't be surprised to see it rated a bit lower than that, around 80-to-84 MPGe instead.

To see what I mean, try stopping by the EPA's FuelEconomy-dot-gov website. I selected the following SUVs: AUDI Q7, BMW X5 M, Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63, and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. All cars that I consider to be direct competitors to the Tesla Model X, even though I would personally never buy any of them.

At the bottom of the chart, you'll find a notation that reads, "Based on 45% highway, 55% city driving, 15,000 annual miles and current fuel prices." Next to that note is a link to 'Personalize' the relative fuel economy between the cars, based upon your local fuel costs, and your own driving habits. (Apparently, the EPA believes the cost of fuel for the average new vehicle would be about $15,500 over five years.) You can do so by gasoline, diesel, or 'other fuels'. So, if you want to compare against your Model X and another SUV, based upon your own cost for electricity, you may do so. Enjoy!

notblueclk | 23 september 2015

Even the 240 mile range is the same as what i have on my S70D, and I have no range anxiety whatsoever.

Devin B | 26 september 2015

Now lists both the 2016 Model X 90D and 2016 Model X P90D

2016 Model X 90D = 257 (37 kWh/100 mi)
2016 Model X P90D = 250 (38 kWh/100 mi)

Compared to

2015 Model S 70D = 240 (33 kWh/100 mi)
2015 Model S 85D = 270 (34 kWh/100 mi)

They also list the 2015 Model S 90D but it can't be right because it is exactly the same as the 85D = 270 (34 kWh/100 mi)

Red Sage ca us | 26 september 2015

Cute. I hadn't thought to check the EPA website for Model X. One of the tabs is labeled 'Specs' and provides this information:
12 hrs at 240V
(standard charger)
4.75 hrs at 240V
(80 amp dual charger)

I decided to add a couple of cars. They are the BMW X5 M and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. The difference in fuel economy is rather dramatic. Plus you can use the 'Personalize' link to adjust to your own observed mileage, fuel cost, and driving style.

Tâm | 26 september 2015

@Devin B

Thanks for the update!

@Red Sage ca us

Very informative. Thanks!

jimvan | 26 september 2015

I used the personalize link at the EPA site to compensate for our expected usage pattern and ended up with 261 mile range for the X 90D. Thanks for posting the EPA info.

Red Sage ca us | 26 september 2015

The fun thing is that the MPGe numbers don't seem to budge much for the Model X, even if you move the usage slider to 5% or 95% for bumper-to-bumper traffic. There are huge swings in the downward direction for MPG on the X5 and Cayenne the more traffic you encounter.

aljjr2 | 26 september 2015

Here are the tested EPA listed today. The MPG equivalents are also listed.

PJJAVA | 26 september 2015

I wonder if the lack of an X70D listing on EPA's website means no such battery option (at least initially)?

NumberOne | 26 september 2015

It seems they only Model X they tested so far was the 90kWh version, which is what I intend to get anyway.

NumberOne | 26 september 2015

I forgot to add is that this data is all that cited, which might not be all of the information. We will find out soon enough though.

aesculus | 27 september 2015

I am a bit bothered by the accuracy of these numbers. Are they really tested or is this just an attempt at math? The reason I am bother is stating of the 80 amp dual charging rates. There is a whole other thread on a possible 60 amp only charger for the MX and so the 80 amp reports seem suspect at best. Plus you would have to have this retrofitted anyway.

ir | 27 september 2015

> There is a whole other thread on a possible 60 amp only charger for the MX

Unless those rumors of 60A charging are wrong? The 80A figure is from the EPA. Why would Tesla lie to the EPA *cough* like VW *cough*?

Nantang | 27 september 2015

I'm expecting the 90kWh versions to correspond roughly with the Model S 85kWh D versions, or a hair less. With that in mind, the 240-250 rated range figures are probably the performance X, and I'm predicting about 265 to 270 on the Model X 90D (non-P) model.

sbeggs | 29 september 2015

Unless...the next generation battery is on the Model X!