What would you say if Tesla would announce that all deliveries of the Tesla Model X in 2015 will be with the 90 kWh battery pack

What would you say if Tesla would announce that all deliveries of the Tesla Model X in 2015 will be with the 90 kWh battery pack

What would you say if Tesla would announce that all deliveries of the Tesla Model X in 2015 will be with the 90 kWh battery pack ONLY !!!

And that all orders for a Tesla Model X with a 70 kWh battery pack will be delivered as from January 2016 at the soonest.

What would you say ???

sbeggs | 22 juli 2015

I would tend to agree with you!
Only, maybe no 70 available at all with Model X. | 22 juli 2015

@Benz: makes sense to me. 90 kWh will produce an X that has a range within a few percent of the comparable S85D, a small enough difference to make it not worth talking about. They might offer a 70 kWh version just to have an lower price to quote: "Model X starting at $75K..." that almost no one will buy and that will be quietly discontinued in the next year or so.

ken | 22 juli 2015

That is exactly what I expect them to do, so it wouldn't surprise me at all.

jjs | 22 juli 2015

@Benz I would say the same thing I'm saying now. WHEN? Of course we all know the answer. Soon.

I doubt they will restrict it thus. The battery system is a duplicate of the S. It costs them nothing to offer the same battery options in the X as the S. I think the most likely scenario is that we will see both the x and s with a 70, 85 and 90 to start.

Overtime the battery kwh size will increase while keep the price about the same. At that time we might see them discontinue some of the lower end options.

I will now go back and wait for soon.

tomgibson9 | 22 juli 2015

I think doing this would be unfair to us buyers who are not interested in spending close to $100,000 for a car and who are fine with the lower range offered with the 70 kWh pack. I deposited money three years ago and have expected all along to be one of the first non-signature orders filled based on my reservation number. To be told at the end of the wait that "sorry you have to wait 2-3 more months because we're bumping people spending more in front of you" does not seem really fair.

raffael s. | 22 juli 2015

Could be possible, the 90s bring in more money. But I am not sure, maybe they will go strictly after the reservation list, most people will buy the 90 pack, the signature ones will have to. I think, the 70 will be, like george said, needed for a cheap entrance price. Like the 60 before, it will be a low volume "click bait" car, but with the next upgrade, bringing it to 80 maybe, that might change as well.

ian | 22 juli 2015

Is that all?!? ;-)

Kidding of course. Although I would consider a larger option if they offered it.

I would also say, "Bring it on!"

TonyInNH | 22 juli 2015

I think they will always have two or more power options for the X, this year it will be the 70 and 90. Next year maybe 75 and 95 with Elon offering an upgrade, but stressing that people shouldn't upgrade every year unless they are REALLY range conscience. I believe it is in Tesla's best interest to make the X as versatile as possible in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

raffael s. | 22 juli 2015

@Tony, I think they don't want you to buy the battery, because they don't want 100 thousand old batteries lying around. I think the next upgrade will be bigger, because they introduce a whole new cell, not just a enhanced cathode.

Iowa92x | 22 juli 2015

The 85 won't be an option on the X, although not sure they will force a 90 on you vs. a 70. I'd think 70 base, 90 optional is likely.

carlk | 22 juli 2015

That makes sense to me. They will sell higher margin models when production volumn has not yet ramped up fully. It could persuade a few who do not want to wait to spend more too. That would not affect me of course. I wouldn't expect to get mine at least six months, and likely much more, from the day they start the production.

Remnant | 22 juli 2015

Since 90 kWh is an upgrade from 85, implying a blend of 18650s with and without "improved chemistry", if the MX will be offered only with the "improved chemistry" batteries, the options might be altogether different, such as 80, 100, 120 kWh.

raffael s. | 22 juli 2015

@ Remnant:, I thought they would change the entire battery. Don't they? | 22 juli 2015

Don't think would mix cell types--adds unnecessary cost and complexity.

Benz | 23 juli 2015

@ Remnant

Tesla is not going to unveil a 100 kWh or a 120 kWh battery pack in August/September 2015. Most certainly not now they have just unveiled the 90 kWh battery pack in July 2015. That would be highly/extremely unlikely.

ernie | 23 juli 2015

"What would [I] say"? Whoopee!

pvetesla | 23 juli 2015

I had a low reservation number for my MS40 but they delayed giving me my car about 4 months.
This could have been since they were deciding what to do with us but the same could happen with the X and different battery packs. | 23 juli 2015

It has.been reported by Nick Hoee, who is usually reliable, that they will offer 70 base and 90 as an option | 23 juli 2015

That's Nick Howe

Remnant | 24 juli 2015

@ raffael s. (July 22, 2015)

<< I thought they would change the entire battery. >>

We couldn't know for sure, could we, before the EM reveals the info.

However, I would wager it will depend on the inventory. If Tesla has a lot of 85s in stock, an "improved-chemistry-cell" (ICC) patch would both make use of the stock and appease the 85 kWh owners (who would scream bloody murder, if they felt left out of the ICC upgrade).

Alternately, the ICC batteries could be software-limited to 90 kWh for a number of months and then revealed as a software upgrade for the vehicles produced after the date when the ICC batteries went into production. The patched 90s could then be offered to swap to the "SW-upgradable" battery for a fee.

Red Sage ca us | 24 juli 2015


raffael s. | 26 juli 2015

@Remnant, while t could be possible that they would limit their packs electronically, or just use 2 new modules, it would not make much sense. I think they ether went for the cheapest improvement, something they come across while designing the battery built in the Gf, or they simply use less cells and the improvement is bigger than 6-7%. But it is also possible that this was the only thing they could do. Tesla was continuously, over the last year, rambling about, how the suppliers don't take risks. In the end the Tesla cells are Panasonic cells, which they use in Laptops and such things. They are built to be durable in every condition, if you lived in Greenland or in the Sahara, those things have to work without water-cooling. Pushing the energy, by using silicon, makes the cells less predictable, so maybe it was like a compromise cell. A cell that improved the Tesla pack, but didn't compromise the usage in other devices. Improving something, really depends on what angle you are looking at. .

ian | 26 juli 2015

@raffael - Panasonic makes cells for Tesla to their specifications but they are most assuredly NOT the same cells going into laptops. They would not last very long without the liquid cooling and BMS provided by Tesla.

raffael s. | 27 juli 2015

@ian they have a BMS, too. And, as most will agree, the battery in a Laptop is as durable as these little dogs, Paris Hilton likes to carry around in her purse. Most of those batteries do less than 100 full cycles a year, but after 3 years they only contain less than 50% of their original energy. That would be unacceptable for a car, but with liquid cooling (and a better BMS) you would make the Laptop a stationary PC.

eric.zucker | 31 juli 2015

Titanium dioxide nanotubes for the lithium cell anode. Charges up to 70% in 2 minutes. Need 2 megawatt supercharger. :-)

kabalah70 | 24 augustus 2015

Fine by me, that is what I want.

TonyInNH | 25 augustus 2015

What would you say if Tesla would announce that all deliveries of the Tesla Model X in 2015 will be with the 90 kWh battery pack ONLY !!!

I'd say "It's about time you gave some concrete info on the X!!!"

rossRallen | 25 augustus 2015

Fine with me. Just need it to be real. Getting tired of this mind game with no info, just speculation. 4-5 weeks to delivery and nothing but rumors and fuzzy photos.

ken | 26 augustus 2015

Remember, Friday the 28th!