What's going on with 4.5?

What's going on with 4.5?

Several weeks ago I was informed that this was ready to be downloaded, so I accepted.
Every night since I get the unable to download message.
Also, anyone know whats in 4.5?

Brian H | 25 juni 2013

You have a glitch. Contact the Service Center.

TikiMan | 26 juni 2013

I would wait to download 4.5, it still has many issues. I no longer have Slacker radio after uploading it.

shop | 26 juni 2013

Which version of 4.5 do you have TikiMan? People need to start giving the full version number when talking about versions. I had 4.5 (1.33.44) and last night it upgraded to 4.5 (1.33.54).

DickB | 26 juni 2013

I had 4.5 (1.33.44) and got 4.5 (1.33.54) yesterday. So far I didn't see any difference between them. MS is still running with no problems. The release notes look the same on both.

nickjhowe | 26 juni 2013

@mstrong - sounds like you got the version they canceled. The only thing you can do is reboot - which will clear the message - and then wait for them to push the new version.

hademarco | 26 juni 2013

I also had 4.5 (1.33.44) and last night it upgraded to 4.5 (1.33.54). Strange and most likely a coincidence and the software was not the cause. I got the notification of a new version of 4.5 last night when I came back from dinner to my car and my left rear door happened to be open. When I went home I searched the forum remembering that Portia had this issue before. Overwhelming response was handle hardware, but strange thing is that I've been driving the car for over 5 months and 6000 miles and only have this issue now? A few weeks back I had the rear right door wouldn't open. Also a previously reported problem. I was just waiting for the service center near me to open which is imminent, but with the open door thing, I think I should get that taken care of right away.

TikiMan | 26 juni 2013


I currently have 1.33.44.

bt77057 | 26 juni 2013

I'm still on 4.4 and have never seen a message on my screen for the 4.5 firmware???

tylerhen | 26 juni 2013

I got 4.5(33.44) a month ago. Since then the computer fan is running 24/7 behind the main screen. Very annoying since the car is no longer silent. I took it in for service and they upgraded me to 33.54 to see if it would make a difference and it didn't. They did say they are aware of the issue and will hopefully be fixed in a future update.

GLO | 26 juni 2013

I've installed it three times but still have Slacker. I'm on version 1.33.54.

GLO | 26 juni 2013

Talked to TM today. Ver 4.5, 1.33.54 is the latest and final release of version 4.5. There were a few bugs with the early installs including "failure to install". It's out now as final and supposed to be a clean version. It should roll out to everyone in the normal fashion now. It appears that we were one of the early versions as we had two updates 5 days apart some time ago.

dsecrist | 26 juni 2013

Man... This makes me want to stick with 4.4. It has been perfect, and I don't need any of the features of 4.5. I haven't been offered 4.5 yet (took delivery in May), but I might just skip it when it is eventually offered. I am sure there are tons of people that are happily using 4.5, but if it ain't broke... If we had tiered electrical rates in my area (Seattle suburbs) like they do in CA, then I would probably be chomping at the bit to get the 4.5 bits.