What's next? First born male child?

What's next? First born male child?

Woke up with a request from Big Tesla for my driver's license info. First, of all, big assumption on their part that I know how to drive and that I still even have a license after having the car for a month. Second, what the hell?

cfOH | 12 juli 2013

So is that an all-new My Dashboard screen, or a normal part of the ordering process? Mine changed overnight, too.

J.T. | 12 juli 2013

Brand new. On mine it says "Delivered" where it used to just have the VIN.

tobi_ger | 12 juli 2013

The website was under maintenance for several hours this morning (GMT) to apply the new dashboard.

dstiavnicky | 12 juli 2013

I agree, why do they 'need' our drivers license info. To me this is a privacy issue and potential theft identity hack. I'll give it when / if I ever need to...

defmonk | 12 juli 2013

Oh geez, here come the tin foil hats...;-)

TrikinCurt | 12 juli 2013

That's okay, I picked up my S yesterday and now my dashboard says they are "sourcing parts". I really hope all the parts are in the car I drove home....

mortgagebruce | 12 juli 2013

I just got all my papers signed yesterday and did an e-check for the balance of my down payment. I'd given my DS a copy of my license and insurance yesterday as well so I assumed this was just a part of getting my car to me. Guess not...

J.T. | 12 juli 2013

Anyone who has a car delivered has already supplied TM with a copy of our drivers license.

Hate to think they misplaced it.

PaceyWhitter | 12 juli 2013

Don't worry, they emailed a copy to every employer, along with your SS card. Just for safekeeping.

pgiralt | 12 juli 2013

Many states require license and insurance information to be able to register the car. I suspect this is why TM needs the information. I've always had to provide my drivers license and insurance info for every other car I've ever bought (granted I've only ever bought 2 cars in the last 15 years). | 12 juli 2013

I think some states require the DL for registration. They are are just trying to be proactive. That being said, the site has no idea of the delivery status, it not only is asking for my DL (which they got a copy of during my April delivery), they also want me to PAY NOW, which I also did in April.

GReese | 12 juli 2013

Why is it needed for the web site?

They already have it for official needs.

This is very bizarre. And it's not tinfoil-hat to worry about providing a web site with questionable security with data that could result in identity theft. | 12 juli 2013

My guess is they updated some backend SW that had a few hiccups. Manufacturing of my S85 is supposed to wrap today and my status also just changed to "they are sourcing parts" :). Hopefully, this means they will be able to provide more granular updates on the myTesla dashboard for customers going forward.

At least in CA, they need the DL info to complete the vehicle reg and transfer for me. I had to fax my DL info in last week, so this actually seems to be a better way of collecting that info. The info is being asked for under the (vehicle) registration section of the updated myTesla dashboard.


stevenmaifert | 12 juli 2013

My dashboard has an urgent message from a Nigerian prince. Wonder what that's about?

SCCRENDO | 12 juli 2013

He wants your bank account number so he can deposit 20 million dollars. IF you do it he will buy you a fully loaded model S and set up a supercharger in your garage together with lemonade stand for all Tesla owners to drop in for a charge and a chat.

stevenmaifert | 12 juli 2013

Such a deal! :)

hfcolvin | 12 juli 2013

Don't worry, if they don't get it from you, they'll just ask the NSA ;).

carlk | 12 juli 2013

Your personal information will be sent to every eligible women in your area to alert them that here is a hunk who drives the coolest car on the planet now.

ian | 12 juli 2013

Maybe it has something to do with that Oregon toddler that bought a car on her dad's ebay account the other day? ;-)

Geoff2013 | 12 juli 2013

I just saw this as well and wondered what was up. I'm off to the Bellevue Service Center and I'll see if I can get an answer...

mbcaffe | 12 juli 2013

for me it is asking DL information and to sign up for service. I called Tesla and they just updated the website last night, so I suspect they forgot a few things.

bobinfla | 12 juli 2013

If I send them my driver license info, will they send me another Model S? I really like the one they sent me five months ago!

Brian H | 12 juli 2013

Sounds like the latest S/W is walking through the steps in the real world instead of in test mode. Ignore meaningless requests.

stsanford | 12 juli 2013

Ha, I gave them my DL #...But, they had trouble registering my car. Someone typoed the license plate number so i got a call from the service center asking me to verify which plate was on the car. I gave them the # figuring they probably got that wrong too!

Hey, if you're worried about the License Number, go read the telematics disclosure. I just saw it and read it... sheesh...

Didn't Napolitano step down today... the Tesla site starts asking for your Drivers License #? Coincidence?!? I think not! Conspiracy!

Just kidding...