What's in the Premium package that wasn't already in the Tech package?

What's in the Premium package that wasn't already in the Tech package?

The Premium package contents no longer list the upgraded leather.

1) Liftgate - was previously in the tech package.
2) Lighted door handles - Not sure what package they were in before but I have the lighted door handles and did not order the premium package.
3) LED fog and cornering lamps - Have those too without ordering the premium package
4) LED interior accent lighting - This is the only thing I can see that is in the package that was there before. | 8 april 2015

It looks like it has more than what you stated:

"...series of fit and finish refinements including the use of higher quality materials...".

Sort of hard to know what that means - perhaps upgraded leather?

It also includes the Alcantara headliner, a $1500 option by itself.

Bighorn | 8 april 2015

White alcantara is now a $750 option, while black is twice that. Alcantara is included with the P85D, so you don't really get the same financial benefit of adding the Premium package there.

Captain_Zap | 8 april 2015

I wonder if the "lighted door handles" would self present and I wonder if the Premium package includes the walk away door locking.

I would take the Premium Package, but I have no interest in the newer tech features like TACC, parking sensors, etc. | 8 april 2015

@Bighorn - I missed the color makes a huge price difference! Looks like you can choose either black or white for free with the Premium package, so black is a better deal (if you like the look).

sorka95032 | 8 april 2015

@TeslaTap, it used to specifically say upgraded leather but that was removed and now it just says higher quality materials...and my favorite better fit and finish. Like fit and finish shouldn't be as good as they can make it? What do they do give those cars that have the premium interior option a better look over? Are the more careful when assembling them? What? | 8 april 2015

If I were to guess, they put more alcantara in the car - likely on the dash and parts of the seat as they have in some of the past upgrade packages.

Tropopause | 8 april 2015

I was in SC yesterday and overheard salesperson mention something about real leather on door panels vs simulated leather. But this was before today's announcements.

emrul | 9 april 2015

I saw the updated order page and Tesla should really explain what justifies an extra £4000. I'm not saying it's overpriced (I can't judge) but it is an expensive option and the highlighted features don't really justify that sort of price tag.

Tesla may as well call it the 'Russian oligarch option' - the type of option you select 'cos its very expensive and have no idea why.