Where's my J1772 Adaptor?

Where's my J1772 Adaptor?

I've owned my S for more than 3 months and still have not received the J1772 adaptor. I called in February and again in March but have never gotten a response. This is becoming more inconvenient as time goes on as it does limit me. The 110v at 3 miles/hour isn't a viable option while traveling.

Oliver in Seattle | 1 april 2013

Probably hanging out on a shelf with mine. Same boat here.

bsimoes | 3 april 2013

My bag of adapters was unzipped, and when I went to charge at a Chargepoint station for the first time, mine (J1772) wasn't in the bag. The side cubby where the bag was placed connects to the storage under the trunk. I had tried reaching to the bottom and edges of the side storage area not realizing this. My arm could not reach the edges, so I decided to lift the "hatch" covering the lower level trunk area. When I did this, there was my J1772 adapter. I'm sure you've looked there, but in case you haven't...

Captain_Zap | 3 april 2013

Isn't the J1772 adapter the one that has a special spot for it in the corner of the glove box?

bsimoes | 3 april 2013

I do remember reading that a long time ago. That would be a handier spot than in "the outback."

djm12 | 6 april 2013

I need the Level 2 charging adapter to accept delivery.

shop | 6 april 2013

My j1772 adapter came with my car.