Who's got Executive Rear Seats and what are your thoughts on them?

Who's got Executive Rear Seats and what are your thoughts on them?

They sure look cool. Are they worth the expense? Also, how does TM enable rear seat occupants to use the app to control stuff? Does the app have added functions for cars with those seats?

P85D | 3 mei 2015

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renwo S alset | 3 mei 2015

My chauffeur really likes them, but I fired him because he's an idiot.

CalabasasKid | 3 mei 2015

Bieber moved out of the hood. Besides, he did not own an MS in his fleet.

CalabasasKid | 3 mei 2015

Well that's a first... Smack-talking over someone's forum name. You must be hanging around McLeary.

eye.surgeon | 3 mei 2015

I don't have them but the answer to your question is there is nothing done with the app to enable the rear passengers to control stuff.

CalabasasKid | 3 mei 2015

I hate to disagree with you Doc, but it clearly states on the website on the product description page for those seats... " Rear seat passengers can control media, climate control and panoramic roof settings with the Tesla app. "

1089 | 3 mei 2015

I do have them, and the Doc is right. Perhaps when 2.5 comes out it will have added functionality. My wife has the iPhone app and I have the Android.

CalabasasKid | 3 mei 2015

Thx 1089. I guess we've just revealed another anomaly in the website's descriptions. I hope you're right that the functionality will come with the 2.5 update. I think it would be somewhat cool. How do you like them?

1089 | 3 mei 2015

The people who sit in the back say they are really comfortable. I sit in the driver's seat, so I don't know. They do look nice.

mcIary | 4 mei 2015

Idiots! Flagged!!!

eye.surgeon | 4 mei 2015

Not every claim on the website is have to look hard to see that some features they promote prominently are actually not yet released...this is one of them.

ashokrs | 4 mei 2015

I hv it in my 10 days old S85D and everyone including my wife, kid, and friends love the exec rear seats. I am glad I chose them . Controlling the app is not an issue as they hv the iPhone paired (family). Friends didn't need it so far. The trunk is huge and I never needed to fold it down.

Red Sage ca us | 4 mei 2015

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crownprincejosh | 4 mei 2015

THX 1138. now there is a blast from the past(future?). Neat bikes in the chase scene

walt.lifsey | 4 mei 2015

I selected them for my P85D after having a 6'2" friend sit in the back on both the executive rear seat and the standard bench set. The executive seats made it possible for him to sit in the back with comfort.

Ronald S. | 4 mei 2015

Wouldn't the rear armrest with the next-gen seats give the same feel and comfort of the executive seats?

SeattleSid | 4 mei 2015

I have the rear seat console, which means having cake and eating it: armrest comfort, cup holders, and storage for rear seat passengers, but easily removed if there's a need to fold the seats down.

Panoz | 4 mei 2015

If you get the Executive seats, can you fold the seats down?

swe1967 | 4 mei 2015

We have it in our P85D.....Over 2,000 miles and we love them.....I found them more comfortable than the loaner P85 we used.......

Bighorn | 4 mei 2015


swe1967 | 4 mei 2015

Seats do not fold....and no pass-through

1089 | 4 mei 2015


The exec seats are lower and like bucket seats, instead of bench, so they give more headroom for taller people.

CalabasasKid | 4 mei 2015

Personally, I would like to see a pass through added for long objects and a power outlet added to the center storage console. That would make them complete

ScottI | 4 mei 2015

My kids love them. Still waiting for the "special" app so they can control the heated seats and media. The rear seats have separately controlled heaters under your butt and behind your back.

I agree on power - was very disappointed there was no power ports. However,I had two USB ports added with my radar and laser integration. I plan on keeping an old IPhone charged in the rear storage for use with the app.

You can see a picture at (not the best picture, but gives the idea): My Tesla Radar+Laser+USB Integration