Who's Qualified to Open Tesla Driver School to Skillfully Use All of the Car's Powers ?

Who's Qualified to Open Tesla Driver School to Skillfully Use All of the Car's Powers ?

We were just talking about whether anyone thought of opening a specialized Tesla driving school.

I am mainly thinking of those drivers who desire to unleash the full powers of the car's acceleration, instant torque, and even experiment (on a safe, closed course) with traction control off, with emphasis on controlling the car in high speed cornering (I almost said "high speed car chases"). We have certain forum members with expertise in these areas, and I think lots of us would like to master the full range of the car's abilities.

The school could also offer a session for drivers who are new to Tesla and may be unsure of how to control the go pedal, back up correctly into the Supercharger stalls, or parallel park a large, wide car that they are not used to driving.

A Grasshopper/Valet course would be another option.

It would be cool if insurance companies could offer a reduction in premiums if a certificate from this prestigious driving school were to be submitted to them.

bishoppeak | 21 december 2014

I used to instruct with a group called Hooked on Driving. Not Tesla specific, but they rent tracks like Laguna Seca and for around $350 you get a day of 5 20 minute sessions in your car with a ride along instructor. Plenty of adult supervision to insure good manners. You'll be a much better driver at the end of the day.

vlad22 | 21 december 2014

Without knowing the current limits of the new p85d track days for the tesla wouldn't be very long seeing as how the battery seems to overheat very quickly and put the car into limp mode. ( see the review of the tesla p85 by many car mags).

Red Sage ca us | 22 december 2014

I suspect that Insane Mode deactivates Limp Mode to a certain extent.

There are certain maneuvers for Defensive Driving, as taught to police officers and security experts, that may not be possible in a Model S, or would have to be accomplished in a different manner than in a Grand Marquis, Town Car, or Caprice. I think one of them might be called a 'Y-Turn', where you reverse, then spin around 180 degrees, to go the opposite direction of where the front of the car was facing originally. I'm not sure how that would be managed without a handbrake, in a car that doesn't accept input from 'gas' and brake simultaneously...

This video is nice for driving on snow though:

Tesla Model S on Snow & Ice (10:30)



AlMc | 22 december 2014

This looks like a job for Lola.....Set up a year round driving school in sunny Florida :)

sbeggs | 23 december 2014

Sounds excellent. He will have real life experience driving the P85D. Who better to teach us how to extract every little bit of joy and control of the wonderful machines we drive?